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Summer Fitspiration | Me…Myself..and My Bike


In late November, at the age of 21, I moved to Los Angeles, California. Taking a Greyhound bus from Denver to Los Angeles, I made the bold decision, with 80 bucks in my wallet, to explore California, live with my brother, and attempt to figure life out.

I’m still not sure if you ever really reach the day upon which you truly figure life out, but in this mad, wild, and abstract journey of my life, I’ve “figured” out a few things.

There are handful of things I’ve “figured” out so far, but I’ll albeit those are surely going to take more than a blog post to discuss. However, one thing I figured out is that I truly love fitness, but gym memberships bore me. And since I lived in North Hollywood without a car, I figured out that not only was biking a great way to get around, but it’s a great fitness regime.

Thanks to not owning a car and not being able to find work in Los Angeles, even with a college degree (aside from being car-less,) I was able to scrounge up some cash, head to the vintage shop Eclectica (in the heart of NOHO,) and buy a bike. Ah, my old, rusty, vintage bike that had been around since the early 80s. My bike had seen many owners and had probably been rode crazy places, but that dirty blue bike was my favorite blue whore. And I rode that bike as much as I could, until it was time for me to leave Los Angeles and say goodbye to my weight-loss savior.

Roughly, my 6ft frame has probably lost 25-30 lbs alone simply by biking, oh, and living on a Ramen Noodle, somedays no-food diet. Yeah, people ask me how I lost weight, and I tell them, “Living in LA without a car, biking and walking everywhere, and being broke.” Harsh reality, but it was my remedy for fighting PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and finally dropping the pounds.

I still have PCOS, but I don’t let it define me. And I might not be broke, (well I still am on that life-after-college survival guide,) but that love of biking I discovered in LA is still strong and in pursuit of even more fitspiration. I’ve been back in the DMV since March, and now that I’m no longer homeless living from hotel to hotel (as well as the car,) I’m settled into life with my parents in Annapolis.

Now that my life is gaining some much-needed normalcy, I’ve dealt with my bike envy, and finally bought myself a brand new Scwhinn.

Craving a need to just be alone and get in the zone, biking (or you can call it cycling) is my way of finding a peace and tranquility that partying (even though I love) doesn’t give me. Yes, I can dance for hours non-stop (sober) and have an adrenaline rush, but biking around Annapolis gives me a new adventure that has unexpected twists and turns. Especially since I’ve never lived over here before, exploring Annapolis on my bike is truly my new addiction. I can knock out 10+ miles, cruise random areas, and end up at the bay watching ships and boats cruise on by.

Biking is of course a great way for me to shed even more weight and stay in great health, but I don’t view it as a workout: riding is a lifestyle. I’m learning new things each day, seeing new neighborhoods, and I’m cruising around town jamming to house music. I don’t worry about who’s texting me or calling me. It’s all about me, myself, and my bike. You don’t need a posse to explore the road…going it alone and pushing yourself to new heights is truly amazing fitspiration. :)


Watch Alexander Polli’s Epic WingSuit Cave Flight


It might not be as epic as Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from space, but it’s damn near close enough! Alexander Polli, wingsuit extraordinaire, recently did an insane tactical stunt in which he flew through the narrow open of a cave.

At 155 MPH, he zooms through the opening like it’s just another epic thing he does everyday. He’s done some insane stunts throughout his career, but this one has got to be the most insane. Why? Because he has to pay attention to every single variable and make sure he doesn’t go off the trajectory path, or else if he was an inch or so off, he cold have slammed into the wall. Instant death.

Crazy, right? Watch the epic, unbelievable stunt below!

Poem | No Yummy In My Tummy


I really hate eating unhealthy! The feeling of the calories and the heaviness makes me sick to my stomach. Not saying I’m perfect and I don’t divulge here and there, but I’m really good at restricting myself from junk.

Being in a creative spirit, I wrote a quirky poem to describe how it makes me feel.

No Yummy In My Tummy

Loaded discounts galore,
Foods my whore.
Trying to say no,
She won’t let me go.
Smother on the pounds,
Lay me out and call the hounds.
Is it cardiac arrest
Or a messy caress?
My belly begins to shake
From this disastrous taco quake.
So unlucky…
Unhealthy mistake,
More than a body should take.

Parkour, Freerunning, & Awesomeness | Ninja Warrior Night @ Urban Evolution in Alexandria, Virginia

Not too long ago, my best friend had told me about this gym in Alexandria that teaches parkour and freerunning. Now I must admit, that upon hearing his excitement and the dire urgency in his voice for us to check it out, I was skeptical and nervous. Me, doing parkour? Okay, I gave in and did rock climbing (which I loved,) but the idea of me doing parkour & freerunning is something completely foreign to my agility.

Yet, in the midst of my apprehension, a coincidental series of mingling and meeting people by going to Sunglass Sundays , I heard about Ninja Warrior Night @ Urban Evolution. And get this, it was the same gym my best friend was telling me about. Apparently, Urban Evolution is the only parkour and freerunning gym in Virginia, and the DJ I met at Sunglass Sundays (Eugene aka DJ Skinner,) actually works there. So I had the chance to come out on Saturday night and check out the gym’s Ninja Warrior Night.

If you don’t know what Ninja Warrior is, then shame on you! Seriously, how on earth could you not knowabout one of the greatest competitions that tests the strength and agility of human beings. If you think gladiator challenges back in the day and the Olympics are tough (which I can’t wait to watch,) then you surely haven’t had a chance to see how difficult Sasuke aka Ninja Warrior is.

Basically, the Urban Evo gym contains a smaller version of the course(s) typically seen on the popular G4TV show, Ninja Warrior. The gym’s setup allows participants + students to enhance their parkour and freerunning skills; one must possess agility and strength to truly be a ninja warrior.

So what exactly should you expect to see at one of Urban Evolution’s Ninja Warrior nights? Well, you’ll see a variety of young kids and adults being cheered on by the crowd as they attempt to complete the course in a set amount of time. You don’t have to be a student of the gym to compete, you can pay a fee, register, and give it a shot to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior. And it’s not one of those cocky environments where you’ll feel horrible if you fall or mess up; the people at Urban Evo are so nice and supportive, they do their best to make sure everyone feels accomplished.

Even though I was the farthest thing from a contestant (yeah, doubt I’ll be trying to do parkour anytime soon,) I did have a lot of fun as a spectator. It was amazing to see the young kids passionate about competing, and it was nice to see so many adults that were thrilled to come out and test their might to see if they had what it takes to be a “Ninja Warrior.”

I’m not quite sure when the next Ninja Warrior Night @ Urban Evolution will take place, but I do know that Urban Evolution is a super cool place worth checking out. If you want to learn parkour, freerunning, breakdancing, aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, or Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, then I highly recommend you check out Urban Evo, a critically-acclaimed gym in Alexandria, Virginia.

Who knows, maybe you can train and become the next American Ninja Warrior. :)

More info:

Check out the pictures from the Ninja Warrior Night @ Urban Evolution. Pictures taken by my best friend, photographer and graphic designer Samuel Famoyegun.

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Awesomesauce | Sports Beauty [HQ Slow Motion Montage]

I haven’t played any sports in a long time. I mean, I did use to play volleyball from a young age up to high school, but by a series of unfortunate events I got slight boutonniere deformity in my right hand. Now if you Google boutonniere deformity you’ll run across some series cases, but mine isn’t too extreme. Yet, I still can’t full straighten my fingers on my right hand, which makes playing volleyball and controlling the ball a painful experience.

Luckily, I can still stay active and enjoy other activities, but I do plan on taking up a sport again. But even if it takes me some time to figure out what sport I want to play, I can still enjoy watching sports. Ya know, the Summer Olympics are right around the corner, so I’m stoked about that. :)

Yes, I’m anxious to watch the Olympics, but there are other cool sports dedicated visuals out there worth watching as well. One visual that caught my attention is this beautiful HQ slow motion montage of athletes doing what they do best, be amazingly active.

The video is called Sports Beauty and it’s a bunch of awesomesauce visuals set to a beautiful song called “Adagio in D minor (Bombastic)” by John Murphy.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Infinity List | POC Excursion & Rider of the Year

You may recall last week I wrote two posts that were geared towards extreme sports enthusiasts, as well as film lovers who enjoy excellent cinematography. One of the post was Infinity List | Are You Ready to Experience Freedom? The other post was this amazing slow motion video about freerunning/parkour and the title of that post was Tru Freedom | The Beauty of Slow Mo Freerunning.

Each post featured a different extreme sport, but both of the videos came from Infinity List, an amazing website that features the best in the cinematic sports experience. Since I’ve written those two posts, I have been checking out Infinity List every single day. The amount of videos they have on the site is insane! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another video is submitted that is pure awesomesauce.

So the latest dosage of awesomesauce comes from two videos that profile two different extreme sports. POC Bike Excursion is a film about BMX riders Danny MacAskill, Martin Söderström and Daniel Dhers as they defy possibilities & BMX in some unique locations throughout Sweden. I’ve seen some amazing BMX tricks before, but the beauty of the surroundings and the creativity are what make POC Bike Excursion an innovative video.

The other video, Rider of the Year Preview II is about whitewater kayaking. Now, when I say kayaking I don’t just mean riding down a river with violent water. The type of whitewater kayaking I’m talking about is uber extreme, I mean kayaking off waterfalls extreme. Yes, waterfalls. Super dangerous, but amazing to watch! But in order to be in the running for the Rider of the Yearaward, you have to do some pretty amazing stunts to impress the judges.

Now there is no way I’d ever attempt either of those sports, but I thoroughly enjoy watching the videos. Both videos have some stunning cinematic footage and a great soundtrack. Maybe your not a fan of extreme sports, but if you love great cinematography & editing, then be sure to watch both of the videos below. They are pretty radical!

Era – Ameno
Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

01 Awolnation – Magalithic Symphony
02 Awolnation – Sail

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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