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Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins


Plastic-surgery is common in our society. Don’t like something about your body? Then go ahead, change it. I personally don’t have a problem with cosmetic alterations (doubt I’d ever get any,) but if you do it, don’t be ashamed of it. Share it, don’t hide it or cover it up with a BS lies and denials. But that seems to be a trend, especially amongst celebs…

But I digress. Plastic surgery is huge in our American culture, but did you know that in Venezuela many (perhaps a large selection of the population) women are getting surgical enhancements? I could say plastic surgery, but the level of work that is being done to some of the women is beyond going up a cup size or two. Some of the work is outrageously extreme! Continue reading Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins

Tyra Banks Photo Tribute To The Fiercest Supermodels In The Biz!


In celebration of #NYFW, the lovely Tyra Banks has “transformed” into her favorite supermodels.

Check out the deets from Tyra’s Twitter:

Bette Davis: Iconic Eyes & Magnificent Gowns

Jezebel (1938)Directed by William WylerShown: Bette Davis3633295963_aa35c8e6f3Just the other day I was having a conversation with my mom about our favorite Bette Davis films and while flipping through the channels, we stopped by our favorite, TCM, and they showed a preview of JezebelI had quickly forgotten which day it was supposed to air, but as I sat down this morning to write, I realized today was a Bette Davis marathon on TCM; I’m not going anywhere for hours.

Jezebel is one of my favorite Bette Davis films. I love it for many reasons (the acting, the plot, the set design,) but my favorite aspect of the film are the magnificent gowns that Bette Davis wore. She had several gowns that would cause any bride-to-be to have envy, and the picture at the top (and to the right) of this post happens to be my favorite gown from the film.

It’s such an elegant gown that exudes class and subtle sex appeal. The gown doesn’t need a plunging neckline or a massive amount of cleavage (which wasn’t a trend back then) to set the tone.

So how is the tone set in many of her classic films? The big eyes and gaze of Bette Davis could show sexual desire, sadness, happiness, fear, and a myriad of emotions in between. She didn’t need to try too hard or have thousands of lines (even though she did,) but all she had to do was gaze in one direction and you knew she was madly in love or hated the ground her suitor walked on. It could go either way.


You’ve probably, well hopefully, have heard the phrase “Bette Davis eyes.” Yes, it’s a classic song by Kim Carnes, but it also set the pace for the true meaning of acting with your eyes. Bette Davis had distinctive eyes that conveyed many emotions, and a lot of her films featured close-up scenes that allowed you to dive into her eyes and read her mind…

In most of her films she played the character you loved to hate or hated to love. Yet, once you begin one of her films, you have to watch the entire plot unfold and see what happens. And if anything, if you don’t watch it for the intricate story and her deep eyes, then watch it for the wonderful fashions.

I highly recommend if you have TCM that you enjoy the Bette Davis marathon today. And if you haven’t seen one of her films, then go browse YouTube or Netflix and get lost in Bette Davis’ eyes… :)

Creative Ways to Keep Your Boots in Shape

Attention all boot loving friends. Do not let your boots sit inside your closet without thinking of ways to keep them upright. Yes, they are in shape when you’re wearing it, but how about when you take them off? I guess your beloved boots deserve some love before you keep them inside your closet after a long day of hugging your feet.

A little routine of dusting off your shoes and letting it air dry before putting it away can do so much to save your shoes. It is also important to be more careful when slipping on and taking off your boots to prevent any damage. Similarly, putting a boot shaper inside can maintain the shape and the luster of your favorite wedge knee high or thigh boots.

If you are willing to spend some more bucks to keep your boots in shape, here are some of the products that can do a simple but important care trick for your boots.

Boot hangers


These boot shapers can be adjusted to fit the kind of tension your boots need to keep them upright. You can also get a boot shaper with hanger so you can hang your light weight boots. Buy each pair of this for only $10 and have all your boots fit inside your closet in a neat way.

 Something Cute and Inflatable


Another fun and cute way to keep your boots in shape is through inflatable boot shaper. It is very useful in keeping your boots in great shape when traveling or when you are just at home. It is lightweight and can be bought for $10 each.

Do-it-Yourself Boot shapers

Rolled up Magazine


The most common way to keep your boots upright is by putting a rolled up magazine inside of your boots. It is not only cheap but will also make use of old magazine sitting on your living room tables.

Clean Bottle of Wine

cover_438327044921638676_132996995216546143_BjqIn3GU_1350960160_222If you have a lot of empty wine bottles around your kitchen, now is the time to make use of them. Just put the clean and empty bottles inside your calf wedge boots or knee high boots. This is not only fashion friendly but environment friendly as well.

You can also buy flexible chopping boards and roll it in a shape that will fit the calves of your boots. If you’re crazy enough to try other ways to keep your boots upright, you can do so as much as you want. Just don’t forget to share to us your ways to keep your boots in shape so all of us can enjoy a crease free thigh high boots all year round.

The Different Looks of Anne Hathaway in Boots

Anne Hathaway is definitely one of the most sought after actresses of this generation. From the moment she stepped out to be an ordinary-girl-turned-into-a-princess in the movie The Princess Diaries in 2001 up to her latest award winning performance in Les Miserables in 2012, she’s definitely earned her place in the heart of Hollywood.

What’s also lovable about the 30 years old Anne Jacqueline Hathaway, is the different characters she was able to portray in her career. Who would ever forget about her portrayal as Andrea Sachs in the movie The Devil Wears Prada? The movie was a real big hit that even the dresses and the boots she wore became popular in the fashion industry. After that movie, Anne Hathaway became an icon in the world of fashion and people constantly rave about what she wears every day or on the red carpet.

Here are some of the most noteworthy looks of Anne Hathaway in movies and different events.


Sporting an all-black ensemble in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway wore a knee length black boots over a mini dress and a trench coat. The layering is so perfect for this costume and was even more accentuated with pretty necklace.


A more feminine and vibrant Anne appeared in a Photocall for The Devil Wears Prada in Tokyo, Japan. She looks amazing in her maroon dress paired with crisscross ribbon and black knee high boots. I really love the way she keeps it minimal when it comes to accessories but she still looks gorgeous.


Anne Hathaway arrived at the premiere of IFC Films’ “Breaking Upwards” at the Silent Movie Theatre on April 8, 2010 in LA with another black ensemble wearing peep toe ankle boots this time. She made it all simple with less accessories and a black purse.


Winter is definitely a great season to be fashionable. Hathaway looked warm and cozy in this still-frame from the movie Bride Wars. The tall dark brown boots looked good when paired with red coat and the blue winter gloves added color to her attire.


The most stunning and edgy Anne Hathaway appeared recently in the premiere night of her latest movie Les Miserables in New York. She had all eyes on her for wearing a designer custom boots by Tom Ford. What can you say about her dress, the lips, the sleek hair and the gorgeous boots? She pulled it off, didn’t she?

Anne Hathaway still has a lot to offer when it comes to her career. Let’s expect for more unforgettable movies and even more unforgettable clothes and not to mention boots. She has the talent, charm and excellent fashion sense. What’s more to ask from this lady?

Warby Parker | Dressing to Beat the Band

Dressing to Beat the Band

Written By: Kaki Read – Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

For many people, dressing up is a chore that they are simply do not enjoy. It can be frustrating to spend hours trying to dress for an occasion simply to find that you have missed the mark. If you want to make sure that the outfits that you choose are perfect for your needs, the key is always to dress to suit the occasion itself. Make sure that your clothes help you create the look that you need. You do not need clothes that are going to fight with your appearance; instead, create outfits that suit your requirements.

Thatcher Revolver Black
Thatcher Revolver Black

Meeting Day

SONY DSCWhen you are going to a meeting, you’ll find that even if you are not presenting yourself, you need to make a good impression on the people who are going to be there.

A sloppy or untidy look is not going to do you any favors when you are meeting with the company’s movers and shakers, so keep it as tailored and as streamlined as you can.

For example, very slim-fitting black slacks with very tall heels is one way to go. Skip the boxy blazer, and instead consider a vividly colored blouse with a mandarin collar.

For something a little different, add a pair of thick-framed eyeglasses and perhaps one or two metallic pieces of jewelry.


 Study Session

If you are someone who is going back to school to continue your education, which means that you’ll be spending a lot of time at the library. When you head to the library, you want to dress for comfort, but you of course do not want to leave comfort behind! With that in mind, consider pairing a fairly short skirt with thick tights and a pair of low-heeled shoes or flats.

Winston Walnut Tortoise
Winston Walnut Tortoise

Another thing for you to remember is that libraries are very climate controlled, so dress in layers. A soft camisole or t-shirt can be dressed up with a shrug or with a long sweater coat that will keep you warm even when you are in the frostiest of archives. When you think about dressing for the library, consider keeping your colors very warm. There is something lovely and antique about many older collections, and a warm look, complete with tortoiseshell-framed glasses, offers you a fantastic way to express your studious side.


Too many people believe that they have nothing to wear. The truth is that your closet is likely jam packed with fantastic outfits. Just pull out your essentials and add accessories.