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Geek Alert | Show Off Your Awesome Finds On The Collectionary

Aren’t you tired of spending hours searching the web for rare collectibles? I mean, sure you can go through thousands of listings on Ebay, Craiglist, and if you’re lucky, find some collectibles on Amazon, but to get to the heart of collecting, you need the ultimate guide.

Screen shot at 2014-01-10 1.31.40 AM

Introducing:, the ultimate “dictionary of collectibles.”

The is where awesome stuff belongs, and it has become a massive community for collectors worldwide to share their items in specific “collectors clubs.”

Are you a comic book geek? Whether you are a die-hard Marvel fan or a hate/love it DC Comics fan, one club that is quite popular at the moment (especially with the movie coming out soon) happens to be the Spider-Man Collectionary Club. 

Q&A With The Collectionary?

What is “the collectionary?” Why is there a collectionary just for Spider-Man? Can any you find any type of collection on the main site? What makes something a collectable?

So many questions! But to get a better understanding of it, let’s chat with Josh Lohrenz of The Collectionary to get to the root of it all. :) Continue reading

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Dope Design | New Mural by David Walker @ Art Basel


Check out this amazing mural by artist David Walker. Continue reading


Dope Design | Sofles “Limitless” Graffiti Timelapse


Abandoned warehouses can be pretty drab, but when four graffiti artists are given unlimited creative expression and spray paint, they can easily turn a dull warehouse into a riveting masterpiece! Continue reading


Dope Design |’Ruby’ – Reincarnation in 75 Seconds [VIDEO]


Just the other day I was watching SyFy’s Face Off special on the art of body painting, and then I stumbled across this video.

Simply titled “Ruby,” this is a complex and visually striking video that  goes through the process of aging, death, and reincarnation in precisely 75 seconds. Continue reading


Famous Masterpieces Remixed With Nike’s Iconic Swoosh

As a visionary, artist, and aspiring graphic designer/photographer (studying for a Masters in Design,) I’m a huge fan of the marriage between iconic design and branding.

It’s always amazed me how a symbol (fairly simple or complex) can transcend into the overall “face” of a company. One could go on and on naming the iconic branded designs of companies such as Target, Red Bull, and Adidas, but one brand design that is perhaps the most legendary (and insanely simple) is Nike.

nike-logo-background-hd-wallpaperEven when it’s unaccompanied by the slogan “Just Do It,” whenever you see that swoosh symbol, our pop-cultured obsessed minds immediately think of Nike. I mean, you could try to be a smartie-pants and say it’s a fancy checkmark, but come on now, don’t be coy. The swoosh is Nike, Nike is the swoosh. End of story. Continue reading

wonder-woman (1)

15 Awesome Wonder Woman Illustrations

wonder-woman (1)

Everyone who knows me (personally and online) is aware that I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman. Out of the things I’m obssessed with (house music and coffee,) my love for Wonder Woman is something that I doubt will ever go away. I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. My mom showed me the series with Lynda Carter, the original comics, and always celebrated my height, so since then, considering I’m 6ft tall, I’ve always admired the Amazon.

Wonder Woman is the epitome of awesome. And yesterday I spent a few hours watching The Justice League animated series on Netflix and was just reminded how great she is. With that being in mind, I’d love to share with you some of my favorite Wonder Woman covers and illustrations. Interestingly enough, I have yet to draw my own depiction of her, but if I did it would be cool to make her brown skin. But I’m saving that “ethnic” touch for my cosplay as Wonder Woman. Stay tuned for that…

Enjoy the pictures! If you want to talk more about Wonder Woman, feel free to rant away or hit me up on Twitter @thinksoul25 or Facebook @