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Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

#girlsquad – Ultra Nate x Lisa MoodyUltra Nate, Jasmine McGee, Lisa Moody
Ultra Nate, Me, & Lisa Moody @ 18th Street Lounge

If you’re looking for the core of house music, that pulse that keeps the community alive in Baltimore (and DC,) then experience Deep Sugar. 

For a decade, international sensation,Ultra Nate, and the incredible (oh so soulful,) Lisa Moody, have been throwing their monthly house music party at the legendary Paradox. And if you’ve never been to the Paradox (aka The Dox,) then think of it as Baltimore’s underground circuit with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Paradise Garage.  Continue reading Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

New Mixtape | Hello Rello & Verse – ‘Double Trouble’

I’ve moved around so much, but at the end of the day the DMV will always be my home. So whenever someone from DC or Baltimore hits me up with their music, I do my best to show some love for both cities (even though I grew up closer to Bmore.) So when Baltimore MC Hello Rello hit me up on Twitter in regards to his new mixtape with Baltimore MC, Verse, I knew I had to show some love & check it out.

I’ve written an article on Hello Rello in the past, but it’s nice to see that he’s released a new mixtape. Except this time, it’s a solid collaboration with Verse. The two teamed up to release a new project called Double Trouble, and the tracks are exactly what the title promises, double trouble. It’s one thing to have one rapper going in on a track, but the combination of two decent rappers attacking some solid beats makes for a classic mixtape that at least deserves a listen.

The mixtape has a variety of tracks, but then ones that I really enjoyed were: “This Is Why I Started Rapping,” “Blue Sky,” and “Work of Art.” You can check out the mixtape by clicking here. If you like what you hear, then be sure to follow Hello Rello on Twitter @_HelloRello_

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Napoleon Da Legend – “Napoleonic Language”

DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend has been making major (possibly legendary) moves lately, especially following the success of his track “Oxygen” with Raekwon. You can expect to see a video for the song hopefully within the next few weeks, but for now lets divert some attention to NDL’s new track “Napoleonic Language.”

The track is a freshly pressed song that allows Napoleon Da Legend to engage in some methodical wordplay, resulting in a track that is composed of “Napoleonic Language.” He doesn’t speak ebonics, he speaks “napoleonics.” I could easily sit here and try to break down every single lyric in the track, but I think it’s best if you head over to his bandcamp & give the track a listen for yourself.

Click here to go listen to the track. If it’s any indication the direction his upcoming project Symphonies of a Lost Soul will take, then I’m loving what I’m hearing so far!

Follow him on Twitter @Napoleondaleg

If you still haven’t checked out “Oxygen” featuring Raekwon, then peep the track below.

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New Release | Napoleon Da Legend ft. Raekwon – “Oxygen”

Following the high acclaim from Raekwon, Napoleon Da Legend has finally released his new track “Oxygen.”

The track features the solid rhymes of Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon, and it’s a nice collaboration that could be possibly be a big break for NDL. Every rapper needs that one track that reaches the masses, and I think “Oxygen” could just possibly be that track that creates some major buzz for Napoleon Da Legend.

Check out the track over at HipHopDx, and be sure to follow Napoleon Da Legend on Twitter @Napoleondaleg . True fans of Napoleon Da Legend know that he is been grinding for years, so he is more than just a “newcomer” when it comes to music. But he’s still been steady grinding and captivating fans in an underground circuit, but I’m telling you that this track could be the one that puts him in the spotlight. *fingers crossed*

Head over to HipHopDx to peep the track, or download from NDL’s bandcamp

—-Listen to Napolean Da Legend f. Raekwon.

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Hot New Release | The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol #1

For the past few weeks & months we have been graced by some amazing tracks produced by Crazy Al Cayne, and featuring the lyrics of rapper Napoleon Da Legend. Every video has provided us with a mental flashback to the golden era of hip-hop. Every track has that 90s vibe (considering the fact all the beats were originally made by Crazy Al Cayne in the 90s).

It was great watching the videos, having a 90s flashback, and hearing more about the project, but I’m sure the thought that crossed many fans minds was “When will it be released?!” Well folks, after months of building anticipation, the wait for The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend has finally come to an end.

The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend has finally been released and it’s available for free download. Yes, you heard correctly…free download! The 10-track album has been released for free, so do yourself an ode to hip-hop favor and go download a copy. Support the momentum of originality that reminds us why we love rappers like Napoleon Da Legend and producers/directors/creative folks like Crazy Al Cayne.

Be sure to download your copy of The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend from the link below and show some love by passing this article around. Tell everyone you know to check it out, because it’s a great after Christmas present that will bring 2012 in the right way; a 90s flashback to keep your hip-hop soul alive & well.

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Team Rawr | Kelow – “Let It Go”

There may not be a lot of female rappers making it big on the mainstream hip-hop industry, but the indie circuit has a lot of females that are doing their thing. In the past I wrote about one of my favorite female rappers MC Melodee,  but there is another female artist out there that has caught my attention.

Thanks to @teamRAWR on Twitter, they let me know that yet another artist from Baby Dinosaurs & CO. has released a new video. The artist I’m talking about is this dope female rapper named Kelow. If you haven’t heard of Kelow, then you’re missing out on some great music from a rawr-diculously dope indie artist that screams creativity.

Kelow is an upcoming female rapper from Maryland, but she doesn’t just limit herself to rapping. She’s a songwriter, a poet, a painter, and a fusion of eclectic expression that many wish they could be. Kelow is unique, original, beautiful, eccentric, and super talented.

Her debut project Colored Pencils was released by Baby Dinosaurs & CO, and thus far the project has received quite the acclaim. Simply put, it’s good music. High quality production, innovative expression, and abstract thought are what make the album such a success. A lot of the tracks give you a glimpse into different emotions and concepts that Kelow likes to express, but her song “Let It Go” is one that many can relate to.

The video for “Let It Go” just came out the other day and its yet another amazing video shot by BDCO’s creative director Ayinde7. It’s a song that gives Kelow a chance to show off an avant-garde spoken word approach instead of spitting some solid rhymes. It’s unique. Artistic. Refreshing. Bold. It’s Kelow….

Check out the visuals below & be sure to follow her on twitter @SuperKelow  Also download her debut album Colored Pencils here

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