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Get Your Dance On! |Concept Video Camp Promo (Video)

I’ve been really busy!

In the midst of working full time on a masters degree in Publications Design, being a girlfriend, a blogger, a gamer, an aspiring fitness guru, a freelance writer, and many other things, I’m also a video editor. I went to Colorado Film School and minored in TV/Film at my alma mater,  University of Colorado Denver. So aside from having formal training during undergrad and finishing up a semester of film class in grad school, I’ve got a passion for film…which is why I’m excited to be working with Concept Video Camp. 

Check out the promo video I helped shoot/edit and show your support by getting in the mix with CVC on Facebook.

It’s an exciting, unique, and amazing concept that is taking place this summer. Kids will have the chance to star in their own concept video, while having fun and also learning some amazing moves! :)

So if you’re a dance studio owner, sign up now and give your students an award-winning experience working with my brother, choreographer Jamile McGee (“So You Think You Can Dance?” and choreographer Brandee Stuart. 

For more information visit


Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

#girlsquad – Ultra Nate x Lisa MoodyUltra Nate, Jasmine McGee, Lisa Moody
Ultra Nate, Me, & Lisa Moody @ 18th Street Lounge

If you’re looking for the core of house music, that pulse that keeps the community alive in Baltimore (and DC,) then experience Deep Sugar. 

For a decade, international sensation,Ultra Nate, and the incredible (oh so soulful,) Lisa Moody, have been throwing their monthly house music party at the legendary Paradox. And if you’ve never been to the Paradox (aka The Dox,) then think of it as Baltimore’s underground circuit with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Paradise Garage.  Continue reading Deep Sugar: Dance Ritual – Little Louie Vega x The Girl Squad (Saturday Feb 8th)

♥ | New Music From J.Holiday & It’s Certified Sexy!

042612-topic-music-j-holiday.jpg-2Listen up ladies (and fellas, but mainly ladies,) J. Holiday is back in action with new music! Yes, that’s right, the undeniably sexy J. Holiday who captured our hearts (and panties) back in 2007 with the sex anthem – “Bed.” Continue reading ♥ | New Music From J.Holiday & It’s Certified Sexy!

When That Deep x Jackin’ House Beat Drops, You Bettah Loose Control!

bicepLast Friday, I did my weekly ritual of heading down to DC for Red Fridays @ U Street Music Hall. Normally I roll by myself, then a few of my buddies show up and we dance like crazy. And if they don’t accompany me, then I dance by myself and have a blast.

But last Friday I bought a friend with me…someone who’s never gone house dancing before.

If you’ve never gone house dancing, let alone house dancing with me, then you are in for a wild night of non-stop dancing. I don’t stop. I dance all night. I laugh. I twerk. I salsa. I get sweaty. I sweat. Oh, and I sweat. Clothes dripping wet from hours of cardio. But as long as I’ve got some water and some good music, then I’m straight. But if the DJ of the night decides to tease my ears with some deep x jackin’ house, then I’m going to loose all control.

And I did. At the last minute on Friday, right when I proceeded to call it quits around 2:25am (after 3+ hours dancing non-stop,) the DJ, Sam “The Man” Burns, dropped Bicep’s “Vision of Love” and I tore it up! Well, let’s just say my skirt was riding high, and I was jumping up in the air, doing a lil’ house footwork, and getting super sweaty. But according to the guy I was with, something about me dancing and being so energetic is sexy, perhaps exciting; house music does something to me. I don’t know what it is, but I like it.

I was ecstatic to end the night dancing to Bicep, and it made me think of how infectious deep house and jackin’ house is. When that beat is jackin and punching your body, you’ve got to just jack your body: left, right, up, down, and all around.

Does house music move you? Does it make you shift into a euphoric high? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing I know for sure is that deep and jackin’ house are hard to resist: Dancing is not an option, you must shake yo rump!

Check out “Vision of Love” and fall in love with Bicep’s Boiler Room Mix. Hands down, one of the best Boiler room mixes!



Trains, Trains, & Buses | My Friday Night Adventure In DC [Tropicalia]

Today is probably going to be a Sunday funday for most folks, but my day is going to be super chill. My itinerary consists of watching Arrested Development, hitting the gym, listening to house, watching Food Network Star season premiere tonight, and topping the night off with some more house. Why so chill? Because Friday night I had such a long adventure making my way into DC from Shady Grove Metro.

Here’s how it went…

I made my way to Shady Grove Metro Station around 9:05 PM and was ready to hop on the train, make my way to Gallery Place, switch to the Green/Yellow line and then get off at U Street Metro. The plan? Once I would have arrived at U Street I would have walked down to Tropicalia for Sam “The Man” Burns birthday bash. Considering I’m a fan of “The Man” and his presence in the DC house community, I had to come through and show my support. Plus, I hadn’t gone to Tropicalia before, so it would be a new experience.


Well, it was a new experience! But before I get to my thoughts on Tropicalia, let me tell you what happened at the metro station. Normally I check the schedule, but I had forgot to see if their was any track work, and apparently the Red Line from Shady Grove was closed from Friendship Heights( I think that’s where we all had to get off the train) to Woodley Park. So between those stations, hundreds of us had to get off the train and take shuttle buses. No fun.

Now, I could have made the decision around 10:15 to go home, but instead I decided to push on. In the name of house, I’ll go the extra mile to enjoy myself. I don’t have a lot of friends that are really into house, so I go out to clubs by myself. From point A to B, I’m normally by myself. It might sound dangerous, but it really isn’t; I’m already 6ft tall and intimidating, so I haven’t had any issues yet (knock on wood.)

Alright, so back to the story. As I made my way up the escalator to the shuttle, this stocky short dark-skin lady with dreads, a fitted cap on, and all black was cussing and going off about having no idea where she was. Apparently, she’d never gotten off at the Woodley Park metro station, and from the looks of her, she wasn’t an Adams Morgan buppie. So, me being the nice person that I am, I told her where we were, and that the shuttle would take us to Shady Grove.

Well, my kindness ended up turning into the strange lady hitting on me, asking for my name, number, and trying to see what club I was going to so we could dance together. WOW. Oh, and she was 39 years old (she was so proud of her age.) Not only did she hit on me, but she touched my butt. Yes, she hit it real quick and smiled. AWKWARD! I have nothing against lesbians or bisexual chicks at all, but don’t randomly touch me when clearly I’m not interested. SMH. That was annoying and I couldn’t get rid of her, but finally I rushed to the shuttle bus and she got left behind in the crowd. Whew, close one.

The bus ride wasn’t half bad, and finally I got to a very crowded Metro Center station. Once there I waited for the train with a bunch of people, we got on, and me, as well as groups of girls in too short skirts and heels they had no business walking in, got off at U Street metro station. By the time I checked my phone, it was 11:45 PM. What normally was a 35min ride turned into 2+ hours of waiting, shuffling, waiting, shuffling, and staring off into spaces.

So, fast forward to meeting up with my friends at Tropicalia. They had already been inside dancing, so I went inside and checked the place out. Nice place, pretty artsy decor. I will say that it was too crowded. I can’t stand being somewhere and not having the space to dance. Yes, U Street Music Hall can get crowded, but I can still tear it up in the front near the speakers or in the back of the club. U Street Music Hall is still my favorite venue. But this summer, I do plan on checking out other spots…so we shall see!

After dancing (as much as I could,) I called it quits at 1:55 AM and my way for the train station. Then, the long process of getting home finally began. I didn’t make it home until 4am. Yes, 4 am. But was it worth it? Yeah, it was. I got to hear Sam “The Man” Burns spin and I had a great time checking out a new venue.

Will I go back to Tropicalia on a Friday? Probably not. Why? Because normally I’m at Red Fridays @ U Street Music Hall. I prefer Red Fridays. But I wouldn’t mind going again to check out some of the other nights they have and live shows. The vibe was pretty chill and quite diverse, so I’m going to have to check out Tropicalia again. Just not on a Friday not. My heart belongs to Red Fridays. :)

If you are a house music lover from DC, Maryland, or Virginia, be sure to chime in with your thoughts and lets link up! I go to clubs by myself in the city, but I’m always down to mingle with other house music junkies.


All About House | Get Lost in the Sounds of Indecent Exposure

431856_457511054268312_1436816494_nBefore taking a trip to Los Angeles and living there for the past five months, I was living in the DMV and falling in love with the underground house scene that thrives in Washington, D.C. In the midst of my exploration of house, I met some great people that host underground events, and I was introduced to an amazing house production duo, Indecent Exposure.

Indecent Exposure is a house production duo consisting of Karim Ragab & Yacine A. While they spin in D.C. and have created quite the following, they are actually from abroad…which explains the strong cultural exploration within their music. Karim is from Cairo, Egypt and Yacine is from Algiers, Algeria, and together, they seamlessly blend soulful house, tech house, and deep house with beautiful vocals and middle eastern vibes.

They’ve done quite a bit since I’ve last seen them spin live in late summer of 2012 and they’ve just signed a beautiful new track on Mexa Records, a mighty label based in Mexico. The track they’ve signed is called “Tryin” and it features the vocals of Ashibah. Give it a listen below and watch for it on Mexa’s sampler next month. :)

Indecent Exposure has a lot of goodies on their soundcloud, so while you are their check it out! Trust me, I know you’re going to love their song. If you’re a fan of deep house, soulful house, tech house, and beautiful summery vibes, then get lost in the sounds of Indecent Exposure.