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Famous Masterpieces Remixed With Nike’s Iconic Swoosh

As a visionary, artist, and aspiring graphic designer/photographer (studying for a Masters in Design,) I’m a huge fan of the marriage between iconic design and branding.

It’s always amazed me how a symbol (fairly simple or complex) can transcend into the overall “face” of a company. One could go on and on naming the iconic branded designs of companies such as Target, Red Bull, and Adidas, but one brand design that is perhaps the most legendary (and insanely simple) is Nike.

nike-logo-background-hd-wallpaperEven when it’s unaccompanied by the slogan “Just Do It,” whenever you see that swoosh symbol, our pop-cultured obsessed minds immediately think of Nike. I mean, you could try to be a smartie-pants and say it’s a fancy checkmark, but come on now, don’t be coy. The swoosh is Nike, Nike is the swoosh. End of story. Continue reading

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Get Involved | Women Up 2 TV [Submit Your Videos]

dee20 best one  new TV

Hey hey everyone!

So, in between dancing like crazy to the sounds of house music, getting ready for grad school @ Univ of Baltimore, and working on building my own business, I’ve taken on an exciting new project, “Women Up 2.”

I could sit here and tell you all about it in words…but I’d rather show you! So check out the promo video below and get involved today! All fabulous women out there, we want you!!!



#TBT | Head Over To My Tumblr For A Handful Of Randomness


Guess what time it is? It’s Thursday, so that means it’s all about #TBT or #throwbackthursdays (either hashtag works.) So in celebration of feeling nostalgic, head over to my Tumblr to take a trip into randomness.

From Streets of Rage to River City Ransome to Powerpuff Girls and Jem, I’ve got a lot of awesome things posted over there.

 So don’t delay, head there now!!!


Drown Your Fears: An Innovative Commercial for Herbaria Calming Tea

Herbaria_1What are you afraid of? Perhaps you’re like the little kid in Monsters Inc. who is terrified of the monster lurking in the closet. Or maybe your fear is walking at night by yourself, or being too close to the edge of a cliff.

Fears vary, but one thing that remains the same is the desire to ease the fear. You don’t want to linger in fear too long, because then it warps into panic. So calm your nerves, and try some Herbaria Calming Tea to get rid of those pesky fears, and those unwanted nightmares.

Well, I’m not sure how “calming” the tea is, but the innovative new commercial sure did sell me on the idea of “drowning your fears.” No, literally drown your fears. Serial killer or clown, watch it drown.


Vogue 101 | Javier Ninja Discusses “What Is Vogue?” [Video]

7xx9379If there is one thing I wish I knew how to do, that thing would be vogueing. Man, I so wish I knew how to vogue! I mean, I think I could learn, but I’m always so in the moment and then I’m like “oh shoot, I should have watched YouTube and learned some basic vogue moves.” Well maybe this year, I will learn how to vogue. But there is so much to learn, but luckily Javier Ninja shows us how it’s done.

From the legendary House of Ninja, which is iconically associated with the legend Willi Ninjathe fabulous Javier Ninja is known for his insane vogueing skills. Simply type his name in YouTube and you’ll be amazed by what you see; perhaps fits of jealousy will settle in. Argh, I want to vogue! But in order to truly learn how to vogue, you have to understand what vogue is.

There is an art form behind vogue and their are so many different styles (new, old, waacking, etc) and Javier Ninja took some time out at Waackfest 2011 to discuss all things vogue. It’s a great Vogue 101 for those who love vogue culture or those who want to learn more. Either way, watch it! Javier Ninja is fabulous! :)


Empty America Series | Ever Wondered What American Cities Would Look Like Empty? *New Cities Added*

Throughout my travels I’ve had the opportunity to visit or at least venture through different cities. I’ve walked throughout Manhattan, all the way from downtown to uptown. I’ve driven through Atlanta, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati  Philadelphia, Las Vegas,  Charlotte, Omaha, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Kansas City, Memphis, Birmingham, and so many more cities.

But, I never imagined what a city would look like empty.

Could you imagine a city without people? An eerie post-apocalyptic vision of a city, except without any destruction or trash. Clean empty cities with no presence of human life except for the creativity of architecture and design. Nothing is in motion, except the wind and the changes of the environment such as lighting and shadows casted by the sun playing with buildings.

Well, in this riveting new timelapse series called Empty America, Ross Ching shows us his vision of empty American cities. The first video shows us what San Francisco would look like if nobody existed, and the timelapse work is beautiful. It’s an eerie beautiful quality that allows you to reflect on the life of the city; imagine the buildings are characters in a story waiting to be told.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how on earth he was able to make the cities appear so desolate? Well the secret is post-production. The power of erasing is what led to this eerie, yet alluring, timelapse videos of empty American cities.

Stay tuned for more Empty American cities in this ingenious new timelapse series, Empty America

Empty America: San Francisco

Empty America: Seattle

Empty America: New York

Empty America: Washington, DC

Making a Vision Become a Reality