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Get Your Dance On! |Concept Video Camp Promo (Video)

I’ve been really busy!

In the midst of working full time on a masters degree in Publications Design, being a girlfriend, a blogger, a gamer, an aspiring fitness guru, a freelance writer, and many other things, I’m also a video editor. I went to Colorado Film School and minored in TV/Film at my alma mater,  University of Colorado Denver. So aside from having formal training during undergrad and finishing up a semester of film class in grad school, I’ve got a passion for film…which is why I’m excited to be working with Concept Video Camp. 

Check out the promo video I helped shoot/edit and show your support by getting in the mix with CVC on Facebook.

It’s an exciting, unique, and amazing concept that is taking place this summer. Kids will have the chance to star in their own concept video, while having fun and also learning some amazing moves! :)

So if you’re a dance studio owner, sign up now and give your students an award-winning experience working with my brother, choreographer Jamile McGee (“So You Think You Can Dance?” and choreographer Brandee Stuart. 

For more information visit


Awesomesauce | ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Trailer #2

It was first teased on Friday that we could expect a new trailer from Marvel’s forthcoming film, Guardians of The Galaxy. Well, now the wait is over: the second trailer is making its rounds throughout the internet!

This movie is definitely one I’m looking forward to seeing. It’s been a really good month for movies, and the summer is going to be a kick-ass blockbuster season!

I was hoping to see some shots of Thanos, but overall this trailer is pretty awesome! Can’t wait for this to hit theaters August 1st.



The Sims 4: Create The Sim Of Your Dreams (Video)

There are a lot of upcoming games I’m looking forward to. From Watchdogs to more details on the forthcoming Far Cry 4 to the next Mass Effect title, I’ve got my eye on a few titles, as well as upgrading to a gaming laptop and finally getting either a PS4 or Xbox One.

But one of my #nerdlife obsessions is without a question of doubt, The Sims. I’ve been simming it up since the first base game, as well as the expansion packs. With every generation of Sims, I’ve found myself loving the endless possibilities to create a variety of sims, but one thing that has always seemed as though it hadn’t reach full potential was the CAS (Create-A-Sim.)

Even with mods and skins I was able to tweak my sims, but they never felt totally adjustable. When it came to even creating my own sim, it was difficult because I wanted my sim to look like me: medium waist, big butt, thick legs, and 6feet of coolness. :) But, it seems very soon I might be able to finally create a sim that looks like me.

Say hello to The Sims 4 and the brand new Create-A-Sim.


The new Sims game is supposed to hopefully come out this Summer/Fall, and the new CAS is way more powerful than it’s predecessors.

Unlike the few sliders in Sims 3, now you can select on any region you want and just push/pull to shape it the way you want. This allows for ultimate customization, resulting in sims that look more realistic in terms of body shapes, faces, and diversity.

When it comes to creating my Sims, I easily spent an hour last night creating my boyfriend, me, and the dog we hope to have one day. But now with the Sims 4, I could totally see us taking like 3 hours to create our family!

And if the CAS allows for this high-level of customization, I’m sure the Live Mode is going to have some great new features as well.  One thing we keep hearing about it having to “control your sims emotions” and not just their well-being (bathroom, hunger, sleep, etc.) So hopefully( very soon) we can get some more insights on what to expect!

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:


#Winning | Daft Punk Performs x Scores Album Of The Year @ Grammys 2014 (VIDEO)

music-grammysIf you didn’t tune into the GRAMMYs last night, then you probably showed up to the office this morning hearing water-cooler gossip about the most epic win ever: Daft Punk scores album of the year. 

Daft Punk Red Carpet GrammysThe French robots totally killed it last year with there awakening from hibernation with their album Random Access Memories. So I wasn’t too shocked to see them win big last night; they deserved/earned it.

While the album contained many great tracks, the best (and most notable) is “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers. That track was such an instant success internationally, which totally explains why it won Record of The Year. 

So with two major wins last night, you know that Daft Punk put on a legendary performance with not only Nile and Pharrell, but music legend Stevie Wonder even joined in on the fun.

If you didn’t watch the GRAMMYs for any other reason than to see Daft Punk perform, then #thumbsup! It was totally worth sitting through all that other boring stuff. Well okay… I did enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s performance, so that was worth it too. :)

Watch the video below. I posted two, since usually they end up getting deleted from the web. So watch it while you can!

Daft Punk x Nile Rodgers x Pharrell x Stevie Wonder Peform “Get Lucky”


SNL | Sasheer Zamata Rocks The Crowd x Drake Shows Us His Funny Side

Dude, for the first time in a really long time, Saturday Night Live was actually really funny! Not just a few giggles here and then, but I mean totally LOL funny. 

Last night, two things happened on SNL: Drake hosted/performed and Sasheer Zamata made her debut is the first black-female cast member in 6 years.

Sasheer Zamata Is #Winning


For her first time on the show, Sasheer totally wins the spotlight. At first I thought they would only have her in 1 or 2 sketches (remember when Jay Pharaoh first joined,) but she was present in almost every majorly funny skit.

Drake Channels Lil Wayne/Steve Urkel & Katt Williams

In “Before They Were Stars” skit featuring Drake, as well as Sasheer, Drake had me rolling on the floor in tears @ his crazy impersonation as Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel.


Not only was I laughing at that, but even Sasheer pretending to be Rihanna was quite a riot! She is so silly and she seems to really be fitting in with the cast. You go girl!

But Drake wasn’t done with impersonations. In the video above he does a hilarious Jay Z, but wait until you see him act as Katt Williams in the skit below. LOL. He actually really does sound like Katt Williams, he especially has got the mannerism down to a science.

More Clips

Overall, it was a great episode last night! Check out some of the highlights from last night’s episode of SNL.

Drake Performs

Disclosure Debuts Visuals For ‘Voices’ Featuring Sasha Keable

disclosurevoicesToday, UK-based production duo, Disclosure, have released new visuals for their single “Voices.”

Yes, that’s right, my favorite production duo has got a new music video out and it’s AWESOME! :)

Featuring Sasha Keable, “Voices” is a a visually stunning and culture infused music video that weaves together some unique “warrior-like” concepts, as well as some cool dance moves.

Watch the official music video below: