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Fresh Sounds | Bufi – ‘Salvaje’ EP

bufi salvaje

Mexico-based producer, Mateo Gonzalez aka Bufihas released his new  new EP, Salvaje.

A fusion of deep house sounds & hints of electro, this EP contains 3 original tracks that are certainly worth checking out.

The title track, “Salvaje” is my favorite due to it’s alluring deep house vibe that just seems to take us on a journey. However, I still recommend you experience the other two tracks: “Papers” and “I Call You.”

Each track has hints of experimentation on the vocal side & beat arrangement, but they all work together to create a solid EP.



Want more music? Then grab this free download of Bufi’s mixtape for Discobelle:

El Mextape

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Deep n’ Sexy | Mannix feat. Rainy Payne – ‘Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix)’

295741_largeTease your ears this morning with Richard Earnshaw’s intoxicatingly sexy remix of Mannix & Rainy Payne’s single, “Breathless.”

Full of sexual innuendos, devilish flirtation, and a handful of eargasms, this is a deep sexy house remix that will put you in the mood. ;)

A lover’s touch so good; leaves you breathless…

Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

The Magician

Pure Magic | The Magician – ‘Magic Tape 42′

It’s a cloudy morning here in the DMV, and I’ve been up since 7am running errands. But now, I’m finally back home (for now) and I’ve got some bangin’ pure magic to share with you:

The Magician’s Magic Tape 42

Featuring some great unreleased house gems and Disclosure & Friend Within’s new single “The Mechanism,” this mixtape is a delicious slice of house to kick off your day. :)


Certified Awesome | Disclosure x Friend Within – ‘The Mechanism’

Okay, it’s official. Starting next weekend, I’m going out every single Friday (or Saturday or both nights) for the next few months and getting my overdue fair share of house music!

And after dancing my ass off 3x to Disclosure’s infectious new single, “The Mechanism,” I need to get to a dancefloor ASAP!

Featuring Friend Within, this wiicked new track screams Disclosure! It’s got that fusion of house & UK bass that I love, and it’s that unique sound that makes the production duo such an international sensation!

“The Mechanism” is an edgy banger that will prompt you to shake that ass, bop your head, and get on down…especially when that churning bass drops!

The Mechanism

ITB packshot-web

Stream | letthemusicplay – ‘In The Beginning’ Feat. Marshall Jefferson & U.T.R.B

London-based production outfit, letthemusicplay, have announced a wicked new single “In The Beginning.”

Featuring the legendary vocals of Marshall Jefferson and  U.T.R.B (Until The Ribbon Breaks,) this is an absolute banger that will lead you to get down & dirty on the dancefloor.

A fusion of deep house & a UK garage sound, this track has got those electro tidbits that make you want to percolate!

In The Beginning


Deep House | Isaac Tichauer – ‘Changes’

It’s quite a gloomy day here outside of Washington, DC, but at least the weather isn’t freezing. Sure, for the most part, today has been a lazy day playing video games with my boyfriend. :)

But now that I’ve heard this dosage of deep house heaven from Isaac Tichauer…I really have the urge to dance!

For his first single of 2014, the French Express artist brings us some grooving deep house vibes with his track “Changes.”

With a simple vocal hook, which happens to be very soulful, this track comes to life with a deep bass that makes you want to dance.