Tribalism | The Other Tribe – ‘Sing With Your Feet’

Haha, I have found it! Okay, I didn’t exactly “find it,” because implies that I went on a search for it. I usually will go on a drastic hunt for songs I hear, but this time I didn’t do that.

So how did it happen? Well I ran across a track that I fell in love with while jamming to The Magician’s Magic Tape 27. He had a lot of good magical tracks in that mix, and a few of them were old-new favorites, while others I had never heard of.

One of the tracks I fell in love with was this great tribal tune that had a world music feel infused with beautiful percussion. But I had no idea who it was by! Yet, after reading some blogs today, I learned that the tribal track is by The Other Tribe and it’s called “Sing With Your Feet.”

“Sing With Your Feet” may sound like weird name for a song, but it’s an eclectic message from the Aztecs that is used to represent dancing. Apparently, their isn’t an Aztec word for dancing, so you must “Sing With Your Feet.” Pretty cool, right?


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