The Magician Magic Tape 27

Pure Magic | The Magician’s Magic Tape 27 [Free Download]

I’ve been driving all over today, from Aurora to Centennial to Englewood to Greenwood Village and back to Centennial. Exhausting, right? And now I’m finally back in the hotel room, sitting here listening to some pure magic. You know what time is, The Magician has released yet another Magic Tape.

The Magician: Magic Tape 27 is officially here and it features some hot tracks, including Hot Natured & Ali Love’s “Benediction.” Oh, but that’s not all. Nope, it’s got some remixes from Bit Funk and a few other tracks I’ve heard, but can quite ID at the moment.

If you know anything about The Magician (which isn’t much due to hisΒ enigmaticΒ vibe) then you know that he never includes a track list. So it’s up to me, other fans, and other bloggers to ID the tracks. Up for the challenge?

Sit back, relax, and get ready for a heavy dosage ofΒ pure magic…

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