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Urban Knights Feat. Eva Lazarus – Voodoo (SoulCircuit & Dr Specs Remix)

If you listen to dubstep religiously, then you’ve probably heard of Urban Knights. Known for Heavy Riddims and Sounds, Urban Knights have kept the music going, and the latest release “Voodoo” brings forth a mystical vibe.

On it’s own, “Voodoo” is an impressive track that has dubstep moments and UK garage. But Soul Circuit decided to bring a different vibe with their remix of the Urban Knight’s song.

Tom Moore & Dan Timcke are the two London-based Producers that makeup the production moniker, Soul Circuit. Now if you’re a fan of UK Garage, Grime, House, or UK Bass, then you should check out not just their remix of “Voodoo,” but their other tracks as well.

So let’s talk about this remix. Just kidding, I’m not going to write essays on each beat. I’m keeping this simple, So what is it? Well it’s a nice Tribal Bass spin on the original Urban Knights track, and it’s really really good! Check it out below, as well as the original.

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