♥ | Hot Natured x Ali Love – ‘Benediction’ [Hot Creations]

I went on a hardcore search for a good pair of good, yet inexpensive, headphones and I ended up at TJ Maxx. The TJ Maxx on University Blvd is huge and it’s connected to a Home Goods, so it was so much fun browsing the racks for some active wear to hit the gym with. Once I got to the line, I found some great Skullcandy Chop Headphones, and now I’m enjoying my day listening to some good house.

So what am I listening to right now? I’m getting lost in the latest episode of SS Radio UK show Seamless Sessions, and the mix starts right off with the newest release from Hot Natured & Ali Love called ” Benediction.”

The track is a subtle, yet sexy house groove that has soulful vocals and a beat that is perfect for a sunny day of relaxation. And the track was the perfect choice to start off the latest episode of Seamless Sessions.

Trust me, if you haven’t subscribed to the free podcasts of SS Radio UK, then you are really missing out on the latest (as well as favorites) in house. So many shows for gospel house, deep house, soulful house, funky house, and much more!

Alright folks, so there ya have it. Peep out the new release from Hot Creations by Hot Natured x Ali Love — “Benediction.”

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