Spotlight Sound | Quiet Storm – ‘Sunlight’ [Official Video]

Twitter isn’t just great for spurts of thoughts, but it’s also a cool way to run across new music. Running across artists on Twitter is something that I enjoy doing, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when someone tweeted me Quiet Storm’s music video “Sunlight.”

So who exactly is Quiet Storm? Well, he’s an indie hip-hop artist from Long Island, NY (Suffolk County) and he’s been on the rise within the indie hip-hop scene. He’s got the swag necessary to appeal to the masses, but he’s also got some genuine lyrics that can be raw, inspirational, and simply dope.

His latest single, “Sunlight” is a nice track produced by Btone and the James Newman directed visuals bring forth Quiet Storm’s heavy hitting lyrics with compelling imagery.

Check out the official video below and be sure to follow him on Twitter @ItzQuietStorm

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25. http://thinksoul25.com

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight Sound | Quiet Storm – ‘Sunlight’ [Official Video]”

  1. I like the track and the message very dope track and production. The video did have some cool imagery but the story of the video was a bit confusing, were the ninjas working together or fighting each other? Regardless he is a talented artist! Thanks for posting!

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