Deadmau5 & Chris James ‘The Veldt’ Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Short Story

I remember a few months ago reading a forum on Serato’s website that address the topic of Deadmau5 and whether he is a real DJ or just a performer/live act. The discussion goes on and on, and Deadmau5 isn’t the first major “DJ” in the EDM scene to be questioned on whether or not they are a real DJ (people question David Guetta all the time.)

Getting caught in those type of debates has never been my style; talent and good music is the most important to me at the end of the day. So I’m actually a big fan of Deadmau5, and his latest single “The Veldt” featuring the vocals of Chris James is quickly becoming worthy of “repeat-button-action.”

At first I thought it was just a lovely track with interesting lyrics, but then I dug a little deeper (reading YouTube comments) and learned the video is actually inspired by a short-story by Ray Bradbury. Not only is “The Veldt” the title of the song, but it’s also the title of Bradbury’s short-story.

Click here to read the story. It’s a really good story that is essentially about these rich parents who build their children a nursery that is the ultimate high-tech virtual experience. When you step into the nursery it’s actually a “veldt,” which is a term used to describe an open rural area in South Africa. The nursery feels as though you are actually in Africa, and there is even mechanical lions, jungle sounds, heat, grass, and the experience of walking through a veldt.

But is it really imaginary? Read the story to find out… Or you can listen to the song and get a sense of what happens in the end of the story.

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The Silence of Love: ‘The Artist’

I love the elegant sophistication of black and white films, especially films that come from the 20s-40s era (big time range, lots of good movies.) It’s not just the lack of vibrant colors that makes the B&W films so good, but it’s also the stunning simplicity yet intricate characters that makes the films warm my heart.

TCM is home to a lot of classic movies, but in 2011 Lithuanian-French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius decided to bring back that classic era with his award-winning film, The Artist.

For months I had been wanting to go see The Artist,but I never could find the time (or someone to accompany me) to see the film. Part of me wishes I would have seen the movie when it first came out in select theatres, but I’m glad that I was finally able to buy it OnDemand and watch it yesterday afternoon.

The Artistis one of the best films I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m so in love with it…I’m going to watch it again, again, and yes, one more time…again. The film follows the riveting story of silent film star George Valentine (Jean Dujardin.) He’s got all the charisma, suave, and irresistible charm that makes fans go crazy over him. Oh, and he is extremely cocky, but it’s charming. It’s not the annoying kind of cockiness, it’s just this attitude of a 1920s Hollywood movie star.

George Valentine has got it all…until he meets Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo.) This random beauty ends up bumping into him and they have this immediate chemistry that is unexplainable. Since the movie is entirely silent (except for a few moments of a dream and the end,) you truly get to experience the silence of love. Facial expressions and gestures between George and Peppy truly lets us know that there is some magical connection between them. Perfect strangers…love at first sight.

The film follows the story of George’s decline as an actor, which is due to the introduction of Kinograph studios deciding to make only the “talkies” (movies with sound.) Once a Hollywood hotshot, George is slowly becoming replaced by Peppy and her rising stardom. The studio drops George, picks up Peppy and she becomes Hollywood’s “it girl.” So throughout the film you get to see the striking contrast of his fall and her rise, yet still feel the unspoken love they share.

My favorite aspect of the film is truly silence. I’ve always enjoyed classic silent films, so the lack of sound didn’t bother me; the experience is enhanced. The facial expressions convey so many emotions, and Jean Dujardin is such an amazing actor. Honestly, the film had a lot of great actors, including the dog. George’s main companion through his trials and tribulations  is this incredibly well-trained Jack Russell Terrier, Uggie. The dog isn’t just an extra on the set, he truly is a main character in the film.

Oh I must also mention the film won three Golden Globe Awards: best actor, score and best motion picture musical or comedy, as well as numerous Oscars. Critics and awards don’t help me decide whether a film is good (okay, sometimes,) but honestly The Artist is just such an amazing film and I knew it was going to be stunning when I first saw the trailer.

The Artist the perfect combination of love, tap dancing, comedy, sorrow, redemption, and the ultimate reality of how powerful silence can be. If you’re looking for a great film to watch that stays in your mind and heart, then you should truly check out The Artist. It will leave you laughing, crying, nervous at a particular scene (I’m not going to include a spoiler,) and it will make you think about love at first sight and the reality of chemistry between strangers, especially non-spoken connections. Ah, the silence of love…

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So 80s | Breakbot ‘One Out of Two’ [Remixes]

I love music that has that 80s vibe. Ya know, the synthpop, nu-wave, and electropop rhythm that could easily be the soundtrack to a scene from any classic 80s movie. There is just something so awesome about 80s inspired music, which is why I’m a huge fan of Breakbot.

He may not be as 80s as Futurecop, Anoraak, or Tesla Boy, but his new EP One Out of Two surely has that 80s flashback sound. You can’t help but to put on an 80s movie and dance around the house while snapping your fingers like your life depends on it. Ah, I love the 80s!

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m going to avoid going on a tangent about how much I love 80s music (I could go on all day.) As a matter of fact, I’m going to vlog about it! It’s hard to explain how I feel in words sometimes, so I’m going to go back to doing videos on a regular basis. So stay tuned for more videos, as well as the usual blog posts. :)

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Keith Apicary, YouTube’s Favorite Dancing Nerd, Dances to Flo Rida’s ‘Let It Roll’

There is just something so intriguing about watching horrible dancing that’s meant to be hilarious. In itself, it’s actually a unique art form; the art of dancing horrible. It often looks so effortless, but it must require a lot of effort to move your body off beat and dance like an insane idiot.

Well for Keith Apicary, dancing like an insane idiot is the norm. Perhaps you’ve seen Keith Apicary, YouTube’s favorite dancing nerd, while browsing the web or reading other blogs. But if you’ve read my blog in the past, then you might recall a blog post I wrote about Nathan Barnatt. Click here to read that hilarious post about comedian and actor Nathan Barnatt and watch his hilarious videos as he takes on his character Keith Apicary and dances his ass off.

His dance moves are horrible, but his effort is surely not to be mistaken. He’s aiming for greatness; being the greatest horrible dancer in the world. Oh, and on top of his lack of dance moves, Keith Apicary is such a nerd with an outlandish hairstyle and ghastly glasses.

Yet, despite his appearance, he’s got heart and knows how to start the party. Which is probably why Flo Rida enlisted his help for his video “Let It Roll.”

Everyone’s favorite dancing nerd does it yet again and brings the funny in Flo Rida’s music video for his infectious pop-rap single “Let It Roll.” Normally I’m strictly against rappers jumping on the EDM bandwagon, but Flo Rida did a great job with Avicci’s “Levels” and “Wild Ones” isn’t half bad either. But I think the only reason I truly love this video is because of Keith Apicary and his silly dance moves. Dude, it must be hilarious to party with that guy!

P.S. Nathan Barnatt is currently in the works of getting his own Adult Swim Show. Sweet!

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Awesomesauce | A Rap About Thinking…Yes, A Rap About Thoughts

I often ask myself “Do rappers ever actually think about their lyrics?” Seriously, some of the rap songs hitting the airwaves today are just filled with such mundane ignorance. It’s not even exciting ignorance (as if ignorance can be exciting.) After awhile everything just becomes this big clusterf**k of nonsense, which leaves my pondering is there any in depth thought process involved?

Well I’m not sure what compelled Rhett & Link to do a rap about thoughts, but maybe it has some underlying message about the reality of thoughts and what you can actually rap about. In their latest YouTube video,”Thoughtful Guy,” Rhett & Link rap about…well, their thoughts. It ends up sounding like this cool stoner vibe, but it’s actually a pretty good rap.

Peep the video below. Imagine if you sat down and just rapped about your thoughts. Would they be fuming with intellect and curiosity? Or would a rap about your thoughts (like some rap songs I hear) be  riddled with jargon, deeming it a big clusterf**k of nonsense?

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Simian Mobile Disco ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ [Official Video]

Every time Simian Mobile Disco releases a new music video for a track of their album Unpatterns, you can expect the video to be filled with patterns.So it’s not to big of a shock that there new music video for “Love Ain’t Fair” features, well, a bunch of lights turning off and on in a pattern.

Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty good track. And if you don’t mind watching lights turn off and on, then you might actually enjoy the music video.

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