SNL | The Californians, Lazy Sunday 2, Comedy Tour 3, & More!

I usually post the clips from SNL on Sunday mornings/afternoon, but the past few days have been so busy (which I will blog about.) But I finally got around to watching some of the clips from the episode, and I was glad to see that they ended the season by bringing back The Californians, Lazy Sunday, and The Comedy Tour.

Of course, the ending of the episode was sad because Kristin Wigg announced she would be leaving the cast, but in the end it’s probably good for her. She’s been really making a name for herself as an actress, so I’m sure she will get more movie roles and be that go-to funny girl in Hollywood. But I will admit that I’m going to miss her doing some of her iconic characters, and she also does a great Californian. So I’m glad they decided to do another Californian skit and Kristin Wigg got a chance to shine one last time.

The episode was hosted by Mick Jagger and overall it was a pretty good season finale. And of course, the digital short Lazy Sunday 2 made my day. They always rap about the most random stuff, and this time they talked about seeing Sister Act on Broadway. Even threw in a little dubstep.

Lazy Sunday 2

The Californians Part II

Comedy Tour 3

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton

Yes, he did Al Sharpton again. LOL, too funny. He does the perfect impersonation.

Cold Opening with John Hamm: Lawrence Welk Show

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