Awesomesauce | Delta Heavy – ‘Get By’ (Stop-Motion, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Knives, & Dubstep)

When listening to dubstep, do you ever daydream about taking classic games (ya know, boardgames and such) and destroying them with a knife? Well, perhaps you’re a sane individual and don’t spend your time daydreaming about hacking and slashing precious hungry hungry hippos.

But apparently, someone out there had the ingenious idea that slicing, dicing, and smashing classic games would be a blast, especially if you paired it with the art of stop-motion and the tantalizing sounds of dubstep. Stop-motion is always awesomesauce in my opinion, especially if done right. But the thought of stop-motion being paired with destroying games I used to play as a child and the sounds of dubstep was a concept that I’ve never thought of yet.

Who could come up with such an idea? Oh yeah, that’s right, Delta Heavy is the one who showed us that fusion stop-motion, boardgames, and dubstep=awesomesauce. Delta Heavy’s latest music video, “Get By,” shows us how awesome it is to smash (it’s sort of like a full-on massacre) and cut up hungry hungry hippos and other games while listening to the edgy sound of dubstep. Honestly, need I say more? This video speaks for itself. Like I mentioned earlier, this video is the accumulation of awesomesauce. It’s epic awesomesauce. LOL

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Sound of the 80s | Futurecop! – ‘The Only Way’ feat. Keenhouse (Official Music Video)

So, my blogging has been, well… non-existent for the past few days. I’ve been caught up writing research papers for my finals. The paper I wrote last night on Misogyny & Hip-Hop was quite a lengthy paper, and I even opened up about how I just sort of fell out of love with hip-hop. That deserves another blog post, but the title of that paper alone gives you an idea of how much research and arguing I had to do. So blogging has been on the back burner these past few days.

But once I saw that Futurecop! released a new music video for their song “The Only Way,” I knew I had to post it on my blog. I had been craving some good 80s inspired music, so I was glad that Keenhouse teamed up with Futurecop! to pump out a totally 80s track, “The Only Way.”

The track is sort of the perfect anthem for summertime, especially when you watch the video and think about those dull part-time jobs at the local mini-golf. But a good song has a great way of taking a boring job or task and making even more enjoyable.

The music video for “The Only Way” keeps it simple by letting the music shine and showing a girl dancing, having fun, and just getting into that summery vibe. Oh, and the video was filmed on location at Golf N’ Stuff (you might remember it from The Karate Kid).

If you know anything about the UK synthpop duo Futurecop! then you know that they have this awesome 80s inspired synthpop sound.
I’m a huge fan of a lot of their tracks and 80s mashup videos on YouTube, so I’m glad to see the duo release a new music video that captures the sound of the 80s.

Futurecop! – “The Only Way” featuring Keenhouse. Video directed by Brandon Dermer. Follow him on Twitter @brandonDMOB


While we’re in the spirit of the 80s, I might as well post the latest free download: Futurecop! – “Into The Future” (Sammy Bananas Strobelight Remix)

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