Awesome New International Launch Trailer for ‘Prometheus’

I haven’t quite gotten around to blogging about it, but another movie I’m really excited about is Prometheus.

I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott and his work on Alien, Blade Runner, Hannibal, and Gladiator. He’s honestly such a great director, and I was hoping that the next film he would direct would take us back to outer space, and Prometheus is all about outer space.

At first we didn’t know much about the film, which is due to the limited information being released. All we know was it was going to be a film about outer space, some type of spaceship, and I think…aliens? But now that the June 8th release date is a month away, we are starting to get a better sense of what to expect. A crew goes searching for “our beginning” and they end up running across some type of alien lifeforms, which could possible be “our ending.”

I could try to sit here and sum up what this film is going to be about, but the New York Times did an excellent write-up of what this film is truly going to be about. To find out more on this film, you should totally read the article. Click to read more.

So, Prometheus is surely a film that is going to take place in outer space, and from the looks of the trailer, it looks like some type of alien encounter. But, I’m not quite sure what the aliens will do or how serious the action scenes are going to be. Will it be as intense as Aliens? Ridley Scott still isn’t releasing a lot of information surrounding the overall plot and what we should truly expect, so I guess that leaves fans to keep speculating and breaking the trailers down frame by frame.

At least the new international launch trailer gives us an idea of how the story will build up. Check it out below. Thoughts?

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #3 Reveals Details on the Epic Conclusion

Summer is right around the corner!!!! The Avengers comes out on Friday and I’m totally going to be there for that midnight showing. It’s a great way to kick off the summer and get in the superhero vibe. Then on Saturday I’ll follow it up by going to the Free Comic Book Day.

I’m looking forward to a festive summer filled with geeky rants, new travel adventures, making new friends, and of course, seeing how in the world The Dark Knight Rises will conclude. As summer gets closer, more information surrounding the film is being revealed. And you know how Hollywood is. They always release a bunch of trailers for a movie, but usually each trailer shows off something new.

Trailer #3 gives us an insight on what we can expect in the epic conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Batman series. In the trailer we get to see Bane (and you can actually understand him through his mask,) Anne Hathaway as the seductive Catwoman, the oh so adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer,) and of course, Christian Bale (who is irresistibly sexy) doing his thing as The Dark Knight.

But of course, the trailer does have the action I love, the awesome Batmobile, and this dark vibe of intriguing mystery waiting to be unraveled. After watching this third trailer, I just don’t want to watch anymore trailers; I want to go straight to the movie and enjoy the entire film right now. But I’ll have to wait for the July 20th release date.

So until then, I guess I’m just going to have to watch for any new TV spots and of course, read articles about what else to expect in the film.

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Black Ops 2 Gives Gamers a Glimpse into Retro Combat & Futuristic Battle

For the past few months, there have been rumors circulating the web with talks of Black Ops 2. At first it wasn’t quite confirmed, but listings on different sites such as Amazon showed us that Black Ops 2 was going to be available for purchase in the near future. Well now it’s official. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will officially be released November 13, 2012.

I missed the official premiere of the teaser, but luckily everything that airs on television quickly makes it way to the Web. So after waiting a few hours, I finally had the chance to check out the teaser. I probably should have played MW3 for a little bit, but instead I was on Mass Effect 3 tearing it up and just having fun playing online with my buddy. So after putting the controller down, I watched the Black Ops 2 teaser and I was intrigued by what I saw. Retro combat, futuristic battle.

So it looks interesting. I haven’t quite formulated this in-depth geeky opinion on it, but I’m not too hard to please when it comes to fps. I love Call of Duty. I don’t hate the franchise, and I’m not one of them naysayers who has to be so negative about everything. I mean, yes, COD isn’t perfect, but no franchise ever is. Yet those minor imperfections are something that you come to love, and that’s how it is with COD. Sometimes I hate the fact that you could literally be shooting someone and you know you killed them, but then you die, but eh it’s not perfect. But it just compels you to try harder and make sure you get those kills you deserve.

So I’m not quite sure what to totally expect in Black Ops 2, but my fingers are crossed with hopes of them bringing back zombies. Spec Ops is cool, but I miss playing zombies. So I’m truly hoping that the folks over at COD will take what fans like into consideration and bring back some raging zombies.

What else do you guys hope to see in Black Ops 2? Think it will be a hit or miss?

Feel free to share your comments. And if you want to play Mw3 with me (or Mass Effect 3), then add me on PS3. PSN ID: funk25

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