Bethesda Softworks Show Us What It’s Like to Be ‘Dishonored’

“No more hiding from the rats: Dishonored is about to grace us with its honorable presence.

I haven’t really heard much about Dishonored, but Bethesda Softworks decided to unveil a new cinematic for their forthcoming game. I wasn’t really shocked when I found out the game is by Bethesda Softworks, seeing how the developer is known for producing these huge games that become major hit (who knows, Dishonored might be another smashing success for the developer.) I haven’t gotten around to playing Skyrim (told ya, I’m still addicted to Mw3 & ME3,) but I’ve played a few games in the past by Bethesda and I know that they always bring such an innovative concept to gaming.

Bethesda’s forthcoming game, Dishonored, is basically a game set in a Neo-Victorian age. The overall storyline follows a man named Corvos, who used to be a bodyguard for the beloved Empress, but has been blamed for the assassination of the Empress. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it, which is why the game is this in-depth mission based game that allows the characters to journey with Corvos as he tries to clear his name. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he has supernatural powers? Yeah, pretty sweet!

Apparently, Mr. Corvos has this canning ability to freeze time and possess animals; the quote below the picture above is somewhat a reference to his ability to summon rats, as well as assume control of them. But that’s just one of the many cool things that Corvos can do. He also his a master swordsmen, so be prepared to get your bloodshed on.

We haven’t seen much gameplay yet, but the cinematic trailer does make me slightly anxious to see what this game is all about. Watch the trailer below, as well as the guys over at Bethesda Softworks explaining the concept of the game, and how players will be able to use stealth, as well as a variety of powers in combat. This should be an interesting game to play, so I look forward to more details for this forthcoming PS3/360/PC release from Bethesda Softworks.

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Thank You Pandora | Shy Child – ‘The Beatles’

I listen to Pandora a lot, so I think it’s about time I start doing a series of blog posts, “Thank You Pandora | [insert song/artist.]”

I’ve found a lot of great tracks on Pandora that I’ve heard on stations based on my musical taste; Osunlade, Gigamesh, Maceo Plex, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

So while listening to my station based off Maceo Plex, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a groovy-pop track by Shy Child called, “The Beatles.” Mind you, this isn’t a new song, but it’s still a great track worth posting. Well in my opinion, it’s a friggin’ awesome track!

The best thing about this song, is honestly, the lyrics. The lyrics are infused with this playful hint of rebellion, especially in the lines, “If it feels so right, how can anybody call it wrong? Jealousy belongs to everyone. Wanting turns to needing, and we take it from whoever we can get it from.”

Listen to the song below. It’s from Shy Child’s 2010 EP Liquid Love.

Speaking of The Beatles, one of my favorite songs by them is “Come Together.” The beat of that song is so good, and of course the speculated meanings of it referencing drugs are sure to get one thinking. But, whether it’s about drugs or overdosing, one thing that is apparent is it’s still a pretty timeless track.

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