Africa Is the Future | Napoleon Da Legend – ‘African in NY’

Attention dudes & dudettes, Napoleon Da Legend has released yet another new music video. Seriously, this dude is on fiyah!

One of the things I truly love about Napoleon Da Legend, is his constant grind. He never stops!  His prevailing efforts to make his music known our quite evident, and he’s making sure everyone gets a good dosage of what they should be look forward to on his upcoming first full-length solo album Symphonies of a Lost Soul.

Today, Napoleon Da Legend released yet another new video. This video is for a song called “African in NY,” a track upon which NDL shares his thoughts on his experience as an immigrant living in the U.S. Yeah, don’t be mistaken by his complexion or perhaps swag; Napoleon Da Legend is actually from Comoros, a country in East Africa. He actually grow up in one of the world’s poorest countries, and he’s got quite the experience worth sharing.

His background and desire to share the message of “Africa Is The Future” isn’t just some bandwagon attempt to appeal to audience using pathos (I notice rappers tend to rap about things for mass appeal, but often not reality based), but for Napoleon Da Legend, this song is based upon reality and his personal connection to Africa. Click here to read more one of my previous blog posts in which I discuss NDL, his experience, and why he chose the name “Napoleon Da Legend.”

Napoleon Da Legend hasn’t had an easy life, but he uses his music to spread his message. It’s refreshing to hear his experience, and I think fans will like the direction he takes with his song “African in NY.” It’s a little different from what he usually does (i.e. the singing,) but it works.

Watch the Cyril Mahe directed video below.

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SNL | The Californians

I didn’t get a chance to watch Saturday Night Live last night, mainly because I was too busy playing Mass Effect 3. That multiplayer is so addicting, so it’s hard to resist hopping online and playing a few rounds with my Vanguard character.

Luckily, I have a DVR box in my room, as well as one in the living room. So today, my mom decided to show me a quick recap of last night’s episode of SNL. Honestly, I didn’t really laugh that much. I mean, yes, there were a few moments that ensued some laughter, but not all of the skits were that home run I was hoping for.

Out of all the skits last night, only one really stuck in my head, The Californians. The skit proved to be quite hilarious and it kept me laughing, probably because the cast had a hard time not breaking character, and they began laughing themselves.

I have only been to California once, but I’ve met quite a few of the “stereotypical” Californians while I was out in Colorado, and some of them seriously do act like that. Of course, the SNL skit was quite exaggerated, but it was still amazingly hilarious! But the best part of the skit, was seeing Bill Hader having such a hard time staying in character, and him almost busting out in laughter prompted the other actors to lose focus. The laughter is such a ripple effect.

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