Total Glamazon | Rocking DC Comics Wonder Woman Chucks

I feel like I haven’t touched my blog in decades! I’ve been so busy doing projects for other people, but now I’m back to doing what I love the most, writing on my blog.

Today has been a pretty good day so far now that I decided to really search my heart and go for my passion, art & interior design. The past few days I’ve been struggling with my passion, but I realized that I’m never going to stop my first love, art. Yet I want to intertwine that with my eye for interior design and my obsession with HGTV, so I figured I needed some inspiration to recover from the burden I’ve felt freelancing on so many projects. So, I bought myself a pair of DC Comic Wonder Woman Chucks.

I figured I’d at least treat myself from the earnings I made while freelancing, so the first thing that came to might was finding a pair of Wonder Woman related apparel. So when I ran across the shoes on, I immediately grabbed my card and bought the shoes right away. No shame to my game, I wear a women’s size 11.5, mainly a 12. So that in Converse size comes out to a Mens 10/Womens 12. But hey, I am an Amazon woman, so what do ya expect? No size 9 over here.

Now to my shoes came, I feel so spectacular. I really look up to the image of Wonder Woman and I’ve begun this obsession with collecting things Wonder Woman related. She is just such a powerful inspiration to me, especially in those moments of life when I’m feeling a little down or just out of place. Wonder Woman instills this strength in me, and I guess as geeky Amazon, I hold that strength close to my heart.

So the shoes are kind of more than just shoes to me. But aside from the sentimental aspect and deeper meaning, seriously…how badass are these shoes?! I have to give props to the design team over at Converse and DC Comics. They really came up with a sleek design that still has that oldschool Converse vibe, yet is ultra dope with a new school spin on the classic image of Wonder Woman. It’s timeless, yet insanely fresh.

What else can I say? I’m a geek. I’m proud of being a geek, and I’m also an Amazon woman standing at about 6ft tall. But don’t be mistaken or think the height is something to be weary of (unless you piss me off,) because at the end of the day I’m a gentle Glamazon that just wants to be geeky chic, borderline fabulous on occasion.

I heard this song a few days ago on Pandora and I love it! I’m a fan of RuPaul, so I couldn’t help singing along to it. I love the lyrics!!!!!!

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