Outer Realms of Creativity | Gajah feat. Myk Mansun – ‘Breakfast Shoplift’

When I first saw Gajah’s video for “Breakfast Shoplift” featuring Myk Mansun, I immediately thought of hipster meets underground hip-hop. I couldn’t really think of a way to describe his music, but I attribute that to the impressive level of outer realm creativity that Gajah exhibits; he leaves you speechless.

In actuality, this is my first time ever listening to Gajah. If it wasn’t for him mentioning me on a Tweet, then I probably would have missed out on his sensational creativity. The video “Breakfast Shoplift” isn’t a breakout music video for Gajah. He’s been on the scene since mid 90s, and is best known for being the founding member of the underground hip-hop collective Acid Reign.

He’s made quite the name for himself as an emcee in the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, as well as the poetry movement over at South Central’s legendary open-mic, Project Blowed. I didn’t know that Gajah was also known for his lyrical prowess in the open-mic scene, but you can kind of figure it out just by listening this lyrics. It is like poetry in motion infused with a hip-hop vibe.

“Breakfast Shoplift” is a pretty cool song, as well as a cool video that takes us inside the mind of Gajah. It’s nice seeing the imagery from his poetic rhymes coming to life with the outside-the-box visuals.

This is my first time listening to a track by Gajah, but I definitely plan on checking out his latest project, Missleaneous.

For more information on Gajah, visit his bio page over at Acid Lab Records. Also follow him on Twitter @Gajahmatik

I look forward to hearing more music from this “LA based rhyme slayer.”  :)

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EDM of the Day | Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard, & BT – ‘In The Air’

I’m so stoked to see Can U Feel It: UMF Experience tomorrow in theatres. It still sucks that I haven’t had the chance to visit Miami and experience the EDM scene, but maybe this summer I might just have to plan a trip.

I keep hearing how awesome the EDM scene is in Miami, so this past week I just been going through my collection listening to some tracks from last year. So I figured I’d share with y’all a few of the tracks I’m listening to of late. Of course I’m always finding good house music, but I’m still a huge fan of dance and club bangers.

One of my favorite tracks is a joint effort by Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard, BT, and the vocals of Angela McCluskey. The artists on the track may be a lengthy unique bunch of names to say, but the title of the song exudes simplicity with it’s title, “In The Air.”

It’s one of my favorite songs because I love the upbeat composition, yet the simple vocals of Angela McCluskey are so alluring. I especially like when she sings the opening lyrics and lets out a unique sultry “hallelujah.”

“In The Air” is one of those EDM songs I just want to listen to while cruising along a nice countryside road, then chill out in a vineyard and enjoy the sun. Haha, I don’t know, just trying to come up with sunny imagery. That was kind of a fail. So yeah, just watch the video. It captures the vibe of “In The Air” the best.

Oh, and you might even want to check out one of the latest releases (a month old) from Morgan Page. It’s a month old, but still one of his latest major tracks. It’s called “Bodywork.”

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Skrillex Didn’t Invent Dubstep, the 90’s Did – crossfadr

Hey everyone! Head over to crossfadr.com to see my new exclusive article “Skrillex Didn’t Invent Dubstep, the 90’s Did. If you like dubstep or are curious about the history of dubstep, then you should read my article. :)

Skrillex Didn’t Invent Dubstep, the 90’s Did – crossfadr.