RUIN | An Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Animated Short-Film

It’s often nice to have a precursor to a film, but if it’s a high-octane action story, then the details don’t quite matter. Narratives are nice, but sometimes ya just won’t to see an action chase, especially if there is a motorcycle involved.

RUIN is yet another one of those animated-short films that doesn’t deliver a narrative, yet it’s still amazing! We don’t really know what animator Wes Ball & OddBall Animation’s latest short-film is about, but we do know that it’s got a post-apocalyptic setting. The “way in the future” vibe makes this short-film a possible candidate for being an amazing survival game or perhaps a full-length film.

I hope that within the next few weeks/months we will see more of this concept that the team over at OddBall Animation is developing. It looks really promising! It kind of reminds me of the days when you’d have animations being released that were parallel to the graphics of most video game cut-scenes. Sort of like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Resident Evil: Degeneration. I really enjoyed both of those movies, mainly because the animation was impeccable. I hope maybe within the next few years we will see more projects with impressive animation such as RUIN becoming full-length films.

Want to know more about RUIN? Then check out more of this work in progress at the official concept page

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Internet Explorer Commercial Song! | Alex Clare – ‘Too Close’

The other day I saw that new Internet Explorer Commercial, and the only reason I kept watching it was because the song. Dude, the song is spectacular! Seriously, it’s got this amazing quality that resonates immediately and it’s the perfect soundtrack for that commercial.

So, let me go ahead and tell you about this awesome song. The song is by this British singer/songwriter named Alex Clare and it’s called “Too Close.” It’s a pretty amazing track, so it really caught my attention.

The song has this dubstep vibe, but the vocals of Alex Clare are soulfully rich. This is my first time ever hearing a song by Alex Clare, but I must say I instantly became a fan of his music.

Watch the official video above, and feel free to watch the Internet Explorer commercial below.

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