Awesomesauce | I’m Too Old For This Sh*t

So I  only turn 21 next month, so I’ve got probably another decade or longer before I can use the iconic phrase “I’m too old for this shit.” It would just be ridiculous, yet hilarious funny for me to use that in conversation. I suppose if the context is right and someone is acting extremely immature, then of course it would be perfect to whip out that catchphrase.

But usually whenever that line is used in movies, especially in Lethal Weapon, it’s always said by someone of a “certain age.” And usually people of a certain age always often complain when faced with a high level of foolishness, so it’s fitting that the folks over HuffPost Entertainment made a mash up video of all the times in movies when people have said “I’m too old for this shit.”

The video is awesomesauce! Mainly because I’ve seen a lot of the movies or at least the clips in which the person is using that iconic statement to explain why they don’t want to do something. It’s just such a timeless catchphrase, but it’s still the best when Danny Glover says “I’m too old for this shit.”

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Truly Timeless | Chuck Mangione – “Feels So Good”

Often my thought process is very intricate or borderline abstract. Many who have had the chance to experience my conversations in person and on the phone call me “random.” Yeah, I am random, but I’m able to divert from one track of the conversation, go to the moon, then come back to the main track and still have it be this abstract parallel connection. It’s weird, but eh, it’s who I am.

So last night I was up till 4am watching the Alfred Hitchcock classic film The Birds. I’ve seen this film so many times and I never get tired of watching it, it’s truly timeless. So last night due to the air of nostalgia in the atmosphere, I randomly started humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless song “Feels So Good.” Mind you, I haven’t heard this song on the jazz station in years, and yes they play it on King of the Hill sometimes, but I haven’t watched that show in about a year.

“Feels So Good” is one of my favorite songs by Chuck Mangione, and my mom used to always blast the jazz station whenever it came on in the car. My nickname may be Jazz, but I truly do love the sounds of jazz and smooth jazz. So every now and then a random melody that has been lying dormant for years will pop in my head, and that’s what happened last night. In the middle of watching The Birds and have a slight conversation with my mom, I began humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless track “Feels So Good.”

I guess some tracks just stay in your head. Even if you don’t push play in that compartment of your brain, one day they just randomly pop up. It’s quite fascinating. But at least I had a good song stuck in my head and not some crappy track. Ugh, now that right there is the worst; songs stuck in your head that are horrible.

If you’ve never heard of Chuck Mangione, then you’re missing out! He’s got that awesome 80s smooth jazz sound, sort of like Herb Alpert, but still unique.

Ah shucks, it’s Sunday…so might as well be gracious and post Herb Alpert as well. “Rise” is one of my favorites.

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