For Laughs | Mcferrin Versus Winslow

I’m a huge fan of Michael Winslow and Bobby McFerrin, so I’ve always been curious if the two were friends. I even imagine that they exchange notes on how to make certain sounds. LOL. In my mind, they probably get a long very well. But then again, they could be rivalries.

I guess I’ll never know if they are friends or not, but the guys over at Key and Peele decided to do a spoof of the iconic kings of making weird sounds. I watch Key and Peele from time to time, and sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. But the latest skit that aired last night “Mcferrin Versus WInslow” happened to be pretty hilarious! It’s like this epic battle of sounds. Haha, check it out below.

While you’re at it, check out another hilarious skit they did called Flicker. It was so serious to the point where it’s like dude, chill out! lol. You know that annoying game people play where they try to make you look down, then they flick your nose. Ugh, so annoying! Well the guys over at Key and Peele decided to make it uber extreme.

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