iLL Rhymes | Napoleon Da Legend – “Napoleonic Language” (Official Music Video)

At the rate Napoleon Da Legend has been blowing up on the music scene, I seriously wonder how much longer people will be referring to him as a DMV based rapper. Napoleon Da Legend is clearly international. And with the major moves he is making, he is bound to take the music industry by storm! And I don’t just mean any storm, I mean one that is truly of legendary proportions.

NDL is definetly a rapper that I have a lot of respect for, and I have the pleasure of knowing him personally. It’s nice to see his motivation isn’t driven by fame or fortune, but by a message to reach the people with heavy dosages of raw truth; he coined his signature style of rap, “Reality Rap.”

I’ve posted quite a few posts on him in the past, and one of the last posts I had written was about his hot new song called “Napoleonic Language.” Fresh off the success of his track with Raekwon, NDL immediately gave his fans yet another dosage of ill rhymes with “Napoleonic Language.”

After hearing his track “Napoleonic Language,” I was anxious to see what Crazy Al Cayne directed video they would unleash for this powerful track. And as usual, Crazy Al Cayne delivers yet again with a solid music video for NDL’s “Napoleonic Language. ” The collaboration effort between CAC & NDL has been quite impressive to watch over the past few months, so I’m anxious to see what else these two have in store. But one thing I know for sure, is that Napoleon Da Legend is truly a great rapper with a bright future ahead of him. :)

So ladies & gents, I present to you “Napoleonic Language.” Enjoy.

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Dude, it’s Serious: ♥ Mass Effect 3

Ladies and gentlemen, I have exciting news to announce: I have fallen in love! I’m not quite sure how it happened, but yes, I am madly in love. With who you may ask? Oh, wait…did you for a second think I was talking about a guy? Eh, scratch that. Still single, happy, and just not ready to embark on something serious. Casual is fine. So if I’m not talking about falling madly in love with some charming dude, then what on earth could have my heart so captivated? Oh yeah, that’s right, Mass Effect 3.

I’m addicted to Mass Effect 3. It’s so hard for me to put the controller down and just walk away. Last night after finishing all my school work, I played the multiplayer game for hours. I hooked up with a buddy of mine and we played for a few hours. It was a lot of fun, but then we called it quits. We had to go be responsible adults and work on school work. But, I knew I couldn’t stay away forever. So I finalized my writing portfolio (for technical writing jobs), had some coffee, and headed back to my room to stay on ME3 until 3:43am. Yeah, I’m addicted.

I can’t even use my desk in my room to do homework, because my 47inch television is teasing me to pick up the controller & bug out for hours in pristine beautiful 1080p euphoria. Serious, Mass Effect 3 looks amazing in 1080p. I’m so tempted to go play in the living room on the 50 inch, but for now I’ll stick with playing in my room. I’m just getting so wrapped up into the story, and the online play takes up hours of my time. But last night (well this morning) I had the chance to play the story some more and move on to the next few missions. Then it got so bad today, that I actually played online while finishing the last 20 mins of my spin bike. Yeah, addicted. 

Mass Effect has always been one of my favorite series because it speaks to my geeky side, so I knew that things would be crazy once I actually got my hands on it. If you thought Mass Effect 2 was good, then Mass Effect 3 is a million times better. The enemies are tough. No just tougher, but huge! Ugh, I hate the Banshee and the Brute. Those two together always immediately kill annihilate my squad when playing online. But sometimes I’m on a pretty good squad and we make it to wave 11, sometimes 12. For those of you out there who love playing Mass Effect 3 on PS3, then add me on PSN: funk25

I honestly am so madly in love with Mass Effect 3, that I want to hurry up and end this post so I can go play it. LOL. I have a problem. Ugh, such a geek! But whatever, it’s who I am. I’m a geeky girl gamer that is addicted to Mass Effect 3, and I’m still always going to be addicted to Call of Duty. So it’s a win win situation; mixture of action-RPG with first-person shooting thrown in the midst of my gaming preferences.

But oh, one more thing before I go. Have you guys seen the Literal Mass Effect 3 Trailer? It’s pretty funny! So be sure to check that out too. And dudes, I know I’m not the only one out there that is madly in love with Mass Effect 3….right? lol :)

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That’s Still Steve Aoki, Right?

I always told myself that one day I’d go see Steve Aoki live, and my brain would almost explode from the hardcore electro beats ripping through my body. Quite the imagery, but essentially it sounds pretty effin amazing!

If you know anything about Steve Aoki, the founder of Dim Mak Records, then you know that a majority of his music is hardcore electro. Listening to his music on full blast is like having rounds from a machine gun being fired at you (watch the video below “Brrrat!” to see this imagery in action), except of course not as deadly. You won’t die of course, but you’ll be feeling a little sore & insane after hearing all the hardcore beats hitting every inch of your body. But it’s okay, because I’m pretty sure that’s what Steve Aoki expect; releasing tracks that are hardcore electro are bound to be a sign of his message. He wants you to party your ass off & go crazy with every single beat.

When I’m not in the mood to chill out & take it easy, then hell yeah I’m blasting Steve Aoki. I’ll even through in drum & bass to make the mix even more insane. But I don’t think I’d put Steve Aoki’s new song with Lovefoxx in the mix. Have you guys heard it? Perhaps if you sit on a spin bike for hour like I do everyday and stare at a 47inch television, then you’re bound to flip to MTV and watch music videos. So that’s exactly what I did yesterday. As I was sitting there spinning and drenched with sweat, I saw a premiere of Steve Aoki’s new video “Heartbreaker” featuring Lovefoxx.

Now some people out there hate his new song, but I don’t hate it. It’s just…well, different. It’s not the Steve Aoki I’m used to listening to & going crazy over, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad track. Just different vibe. More mellow. More commercial. Less Steve Aoki. That insane quality that makes Steve Aoki’s music so hypnotic and hardcore is missing, but I guess every once and a while DJ’s & producers have to switch it up. At least it’s still a good song, but I will admit I sure do hope he produces some more tracks that have that Dim Mak quality; hardcore electro beats punching every inch of your body. Yeah, I need more of that in my life…

“Heartbreaker” feat. Lovefoxx

Still a good song, and I guess the “dripping dripping dripping” part when the Asian guy’s head explodes is suppose to be that hardcore aspect. lol

Below are two songs that are what I’m used to hearing from Steve Aoki. A little darker, a little harder, a little more insane.

Brrrat! ft. Armand Van Helden

Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT REMIX) ft. Steve Aoki & Har Mar Superstar

Used to listen to this song every single day. Very epic!

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