Totally Weird, But Awesome | Junior Boys – “Banana Ripple” (Music Video)

So I was totally killing it on my spin bike today. An hour of hardcore cardio, and I was dripping with sweat. So sweaty, yet so pumped! It was such a good workout, and in the midst of my workout I heard a song by Junior Boys called “Banana Ripple.”

The song was pretty catchy and it definitely helped me finish my workout. I had never heard of the Junior Boys before so I knew I had to go on YouTube and see if the song had a music video. Well it does. Actually the song has two music videos. I’m not sure if the totally weird one is an official video (I think someone mashed up pieces of a weird movie), but man…it’s on an entirely different level.

Both of the videos have a unique vibe, and the official video isn’t necessarily weird, but just vibrant. It’s an okay video. I prefer the uber weird one. Check out the super weird video below, and then watch the official one if you’d like.

The Really Weird Video….So Cool Though! (Slightly Explicit Content)

Official Video

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I/Fan – “Shine Out All The Stars” (Make Them Remember)

Every day I wake up with the desire to be the best person I can be. The best writer, the best friend, the best geek, and just…well, the best Jazzy I can be. I may not always excel in being the best in each of those areas, but at least I wake up with the desire to cease the day knowing that if tomorrow wasn’t promised, I’d leave behind an everlasting mark on this world.

I used to dream of being this famous writer or working for the hottest magazine, but I don’t know anymore. I don’t think my dream is to be this critically acclaimed writer, yet my dream is to become the best writer I can be. The best. Not in comparison to anyone else, but the best I know that I have the capability of being. And if I happen to shine out in the midst all the writers, then I’d just hope that I could at least make people remember me.

Life is too short not to take a chance for your dreams, and in the array of life’s choices, we should strive to make a mark on this world. Out of all the stars, we should have this burning passion to make people remember us. Whether if it’s for being famous, changing a life, or simply letting your voice be heard, let everyone remember who you are. You’re beautiful. You’re unique. You’re powerful. You’re exhilarating. And you’re worth being remembered.

There is probably a million ways I could try to phrase my message, but I’d rather just let Ivan Peroti, who goes by the name I/Fan, tell you the message. His new song “Shine Out” was released not too long ago, and the message is one that is simple, yet radically inspirational. It’s a song that encourages listeners to “Shine out all the stars, make them remember you.” Simple message, powerful impact.

Yet, not only does the song have a cool message, but the official music video came out a few days ago and it’s quite quirky. I mean the song is about stars, so I suppose that explains the astronaut going throughout the city trying to find his way. Weird? Yes. Cool concept? Yes. Need I say more? Nope. Watch the video below & see for yourself. :)

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