House | EMKYU – “Gabrielle” (Matt Jam Lamont & Scott Diaz Classic Vocal Mix)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been puzzled upon hearing a house track, and having that dire moment of frustration of not being able to properly identify the song. Usually when a house song comes on I’m able to smile with this cocky uncanny look, and then I mentally open up my dictionary of house music.

Being able to identify a house song is something that I take pride in, but for the past year I’ve been hearing this one track over & over again on various podcasts. Usually if I don’t know the name of a track I’ll go on this hunt to figure it out,even if it means sipping on coffee and scratching my head to the wee hours of the morning. But with this one track, I just never found the time to hunt it down; the song is so good that I just get caught up listening to it over & over again.

So earlier today I was laying on my bed trying to clear my mind (had a long week of drama, which made me realize I don’t need a relationship right now,) and then I heard that track again. So I decided to actually look at the tracklisting (luckily SS Radio UK provides a playlist) and I learned that the song is called “Gabrielle” and it’s the Matt Jam Lamont & Scott Diaz Classic Vocal Mix.

The song is actually a nice rework of Roy Davis Jr.’s classic track “Gabriel” featuring Peven Everett. The originally is already a nice track, but the revisited remix takes the song to a new bpm. You can opt for the lounge/house vibe of the original, or you can get lost in the soulful infusion of the EMKYU version.

I’m just glad that I finally know the name of the track, and now every time I hear it I can simply say “Oh that’s “Gabrielle” by EMKYU and it’s the Matt Jam Lamont/Scott Diaz Classic Vocal Mix. Okay, that wasn’t really simple, but you get the point.

The original track below.

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Dude, Remember the New Radicals?

So a few days ago my brother called me up, and with dire excitement, asked me to accompany him to H&M. As a dancer, my brother is always going out and popping & breaking, so a majority of his jeans end up getting ripped after a lot of wear & tear. I usually just tell him to go buy a cheap pair of jeans from a department store, but he only wears skinny jeans & straight leg jeans from H&M (other stores as well, but H&M always has a good deal.)

He’s been so busy working with Gloria Estefan lately (click here to see him in her latest music video,) and we haven’t had the chance to go shopping. So when he called me up, I was happy about shopping even though I’m totally broke right now. But still, doesn’t mean that I couldn’t help him out. I used to read GQ a lot, so I’m always aware of what’s fashionable when it comes to mens clothing.

I wished we lived closer to Arundel Mills Mall so we could have gone to the big H&M that is like two levels, but we weren’t in the mood to drive 45 minutes. So we settled for the tiny H&M in Gaithersburg. It’s not the biggest H&M I’ve gone to, and their mens department is very small. Yet, we were able to find some great jeans, as well as a nice cardigan, some slacks, and this amazing suit. I even came up with a great outfit and helped my brother select the right pieces; we stayed in the store for hours, but I didn’t even care because the music was soooooo good!

H&M always has the best music blasting throughout their store, and apparently the playlist the other day was a mixture of pop infused with some 90s alternative rock. Whoever selected the playlist that day must have been feeling nostalgic, instead of playing a lot of new rock, they decided to play some music by New Radicals. Remember them from the late 90s? They didn’t have a career that lasted for years, but their one album they did release had some great hits. I remember back in the 90s I used to love listening to their tracks “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough” and “You Get What You Give.”

They had a lot of good music blasting, and I just really enjoyed the New Radicals throwback. I was so transplanted back to the 90s, but then they followed it up with some awesome song called “Ba Ba Bounce” by Marbert Rocel. I had never heard of that artist before, but thanks to Shazam on my HTC Sensation, I was able to get the name of the song. It’s a pretty upbeat song, and the video for it is awesome!

H&M always has the best music playing! Not only do you get some of the best fashion around, but you even get to hear some music you might not hear on a daily basis. For instance, have you ever heard of an artist by the name of Cadillac? Well I don’t know about their music, but they have this song called “Blue Skies,” and it was totally blasting throughout the store.

The song by Cadillac was definitely one that caught my attention, but I couldn’t help but walk out of H&M still singing the lyrics to the New Radicals hit song “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough.” There is just something about that song that gets under my skin( but in a good way.) Plus, the video montage from A Walk to Remember doesn’t make the song go away, it just makes me want to go watch the movie and to find out where the members of the New Radicals are at today. I wonder if they still do music….

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