No Complaints Ova Here | Far Cry 3 Trailer Leaked

Luckily because I pre-ordered Battlefield 3, I was able to get that sweet early access to Mass Effect 3 demo. The demo is pretty awesome! I could sit here and go on & on for paragraphs about how amazing it is, but I’ll devote a post to it. Right now I want to focus on some other good news, the Far Cry 3 trailer was leaked online today. Awesome! The trailer was slated to be released tomorrow, but it was leaked today. Yet, no complaints ova here. I love the trailer!

The reason I’m so excited about Far Cry 3 is because, well…I used to spend hours playing Far Cry 2. Seriously, days of my life would go missing! I’d go on major hunts for the Jackal, tapes, and get caught up in fights with groups of extremists. I mean, if it wasn’t for the open-world element then I wouldn’t have been so addicted to it, but eh, open-worlds are fun to explore!

Far Cry 2 was a pretty good game in my opinion, but I have a feeling that Far Cry 3 is going to be even better. The trailer that was leaked shows some amazing graphics, while even adding a hint of dubstep to step up the adrenaline paced action. The plot for the game is based upon the invigorating situations surrounding a tourist Jason Brody, a young man that ends up getting stranded on an island faced with turmoil & ruthless characters. There still hasn’t been much released detailing the background of the main character, but the cinematic trailer does seem to give us a glimpse of how ruthless the characters will be.

The graphics for the trailer, along with the pacing, the music, and the character acting are well put together; fans will surely be anxious for the impending release of this game in September 2012. Just watching the trailer alone made my want to replace my copy of Far Cry 2 (sold it,) but right now I’m still caught up on playing Mass Effect 2 a second time through on my PS3. So for now I will keep playing ME2, and I will be anxiously awaiting more information detailing what to expect in Far Cry 3.

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