Oh So 80s | The Karate Rap

I’m big on being athletic, but I was never really into karate. I mean I always thought that martial arts movies were awesome (and they still are,) but I never thought about actually pursuing karate.

I will admit I did take a karate class with this girl at school once, and it was interesting. But I just didn’t have the patience to actually learn everything & make sure my form was correct. On top of that, the teacher was so boring! He just didn’t make the karate sound cool. I thought it was supposed to be super cool & exhilarating like in the martial arts movies (a bunch of kung fu sounds and a serious face,) but apparently it isn’t like that right off the back.

So I had to knock down my perceptions of what karate actually is. It takes time. You start off with basic moves, and over the years you get better. But I bet you if watched this vintage 80s (produced in 1986) video called “Karate Rap,” I would have stuck with karate. The video itself just makes karate look kind of cool, especially with the cheesy rapping. HAHA, it’s a timeless video, and I’m glad I ran across it on a blog I was reading.

Check it out for yourself. Imagine if your karate class was taught with a rapping teacher. Would you continue taking the class?

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