Short Parody Film | The Death & Return of Superman

Chronicle came out in theatres last weekend, and I have yet to actually go see it. Remember how I was raving & ranting about superheroes and how I wish I had powers? Okay, perhaps you don’t remember, but I do!

Well I’m a huge fan of superheroes, and I’m willing to admit that I can be sort of a geek when it comes to Marvel Comics & DC Comics. If I had to choose between Batman & Superman, I would choose Batman due to his innovative crime fighting skills. I mean he is an average guy with no real powers, but he still kicks butt. Pretty dope if you ask me.

I mean think of it, Superman is basically indestructible. The only thing that can really stop him is Kryptonite. But back in the day, DC Comics decided they needed to switch things up; killing off Superman was the next best course of action, and a way to piss off the fans. Not only did it piss off fans, but it created so much confusion!

All the confusion of the death of Superman (following his return) is something that comic fans have had heated discussions over for years, but Max Landis (co-writer of Chronicle) decided to release a hilarious live-action parody (released same day as Chronicle) that provides viewers with his perspective on “The Death And Return of Superman.” The film is a little over 16 minutes in runtime, and it’s basically inspired by Max Landis’ “drunk history” short films.

If you happen to be one of those geeks/nerds out there that was upset/confused/annoyed at the death of Superman & the chaos, then you might want to check out Max Landis’ hilarious short film The Death And Return of Superman.  The narratation and the cheap live-action costumes & acting create a short film that is innovative, riveting, and evokes a major LMAO moment. The video even stars Simon Pegg, Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, and many more, so you’ll want to watch the full thing to experience the essence of Max Landis and his witty sense of humor.

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Simply Amazing | Corey Mitchell “Use Somebody” (Cover)

There aren’t a lot of songs I’ll listen to over & over again, but when it comes to Kings of Leon “Use Somebody”, I listen to that song on a daily basis. I’m not quite sure what it is, but there is just something so intoxicating about that song; it’s hard to avoid singing along & getting wrapped up in the lyrics.

The original version by Kings of Leon is amazing & has that alternative rock vibe, but a search on YouTube results in a massive amount of covers ranging from acapella, acoustic, and piano. There are a lot of good covers on YouTube, but the best one I’ve ran across thus far is by this amazing singer named Corey Mitchell.

I don’t know much about Corey Mitchell, but I do know that my brother Jamile McGee told me that one of his friends knows him & that I should watch his cover. So we pulled up YouTube, and I was completely mesmerized by Corey’s voice, his style, and his finesse. He’s got all the skills necessary to pull off such a lovely cover, and the video is also shot very well; an ultra professional video & a stunning piano make the video standout from most of the covers I’ve watched.

Like I said, I don’t know much about Corey Mitchell, but I do know that his dude has such a beautifully pure voice. He’s the type of guy that doesn’t need all that autotune & studio effects. I could listen to him sing all day….his voice is breathtaking.

Watch his cover below & be sure to follow him on Twitter @@imCoreyMitchell

Below is the original song by Kings of Leon. Corey def took an original & put his own spin on with the piano. It’s very innovative!

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