New Music | 14th – “Take Me There” (Official Music Video)

Oh, how I love finding new music! It gives me such a joy to run across an artist I’ve never heard of, then I become completely enamored with their sound.

Well, the artist I’m talking about today is 14th, a duo from Brighton, UK. The group consist of Tom & Tracey, and together they make such beautiful music. The vibe is their music could be described as darky but dreamy electronic dance music. Their songs “Hide Yourself” & “Take Me There” but have this 90s vibe, but a little darker.

I really love the sound of the tracks I’ve heard so far, and the videos are so beautiful! The latest video is for their track “Take Me There” and the song has that total 90s vibe. You know, that 90s sound that makes those dance hits such a “hit.” But then you can still chill out & groove, because 14th slows it down and makes the vibe a little darker (as well as a hint of drum & bass.) One website I read described it as “It’s rave music re-purposed for darker times, reminding you that there isn’t actually anyone to go to the rave with. (via Dazed)

If I was in London, I’d love to go see 14th perform live, but for now I will enjoy the avant-garde music videos.

Peep the visuals below & like 14th on their official Facebook.  Also visit their website

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Awesomesauce | Human Jukebox 90’s Megamix

Turn on annotations to see the tracks he is playing. There is no actual track list, so use the annotations!

I’m a total 90s baby, and all the major club hits of the 90s still have a spot in my heart. So when I ran across this video of these guy doing a megamix of all the 90s hits, I knew I had to share it with you guys.

It’s amazing how a lot of those 90s artists never made it super big with all their music, but they all had those one-hit wonders that still had such a powerful impact. It’s better to make one amazing song that can reach the masses, instead of pumping out a bunch of garbage tracks that have no substance.

Even though those songs of the 90s may not be popular today, I still love jamming to the sounds of Alice Deejay, Stardust, Haddaway, and so many other great artists that introduced me to the world of club hits & electronic dance music. They just bring back so many memories of having sleepovers, getting all dolled up, and dancing around singing the 90s club hits. Ah man, don’t even get me started about pretending to be the Spice Girls. LOL….story for another day.

Just for the heck of it (I’m feeling super nostaglic) I’m going to post some of the songs featured in the megamix done by The Human Jukebox. All these videos must have been fun to film.  Like I just want to totally throw a party and only play 90s hits. Yeah, I think I should do that!

My favorite one!!!!!!!

I remember seeing an amazing dance piece to this down at the university in Colorado Springs. It was spectacular! But seriously, how cheesy do the dudes in this video look? LOL no comment….

Used to sing this song all the time!!!!

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Indie-Folk | M. Ward – “The First Time I Ran Away”

When I think of Portland, Oregon, I think of local coffee spots (Starbucks is too hipster,) bookstores, artists, hippies, and well, everything Portlandia. Everything about Portland seems to scream eclectic expression, and apparently the city is known for having a thriving indie-folk scene. So if you know anything about indie-folk, then it’s very eclectic. It’s grab your moccasins, sip on coffee, and strum a guitar music.

I tried strumming the guitar and learning to play acoustic melodies, but I think I’ll leave that up to M.Ward. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, M.Ward is the other half of the indie-folk duo She & Him (Zooey Deschanel.) The duo has some pretty good songs that capture that sip coffee and read literature mood, but M.Ward’s solo track “The First Time I Ran Away” is hands down the best.

The song itself is enough to catch your attention, but you’ve gotta love the beautiful quirky animation directed by Joel Trussell. The video tells the story of a girl who runs away with her pet llama and fish; so adorable!

You may not be a big fan of indie-folk music, but if you like sipping on coffee, chilling out reading a book, and wearing some nice loafers, then you might just like the sounds of M.Ward.  Luckily I grew up listening to folk, especially Tracy Chapman, so the sound doesn’t bother me; I prefer it sometimes. But it’s all based on your personality and how open you are. Some of might like it, others may hate it. But perhaps you like what you’ll hear, then head over to his site for more music. The website alone is very quirky & creative. It’s so folksy!

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