Simply Beautiful | Bombay Bicycle Club – “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”

My musical interests are so vast, so don’t be shocked when I tell you that I listen to folk music & alternative folk bands. I grew up with a variety of musical influence, but the sounds of folk music always brings me back to the days of sitting outside, staring at the stars, and catching lightening bugs in the summer.

Folk music is amazing, but lately I’ve been enjoying the sounds of Bombay Bicycle Club. The London based collective has this awesome indie rock/folk sound, and their new music video “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” is a simply beautiful animation that captures that childhood/folk vibe.

I’m pretty sure it must have taken hours upon hours to craft such a creative video, but the hours of work paid off; resulting in a music video that is whimsical. It’s nice to see animation that is whimsical and rugged in it’s design. The animation, set design, and costuming gives the video this nostalgic vibe. Some people aren’t fans of that rugged nostalgic/folk vibe, but I love it. So no complaints over here, “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” is an amazing video.

Check out the visuals below.

Β©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Awesomesauce | The Sounds of “Digitals”

I couldn’t imagine being forced to go throughout the day without having interaction via phone, social media, email, videogames, Macbook (my bro & I call it Macbooking it,) and just be immersed in the digital.

As our society grows more advanced technologically, we are constantly being bombarded with the sounds of notifications & apps. It doesn’t bother me too much, especially if it’s the notification sound of Words With Friends. Yeah, I just became addicted to it. I barely played it before, but now it could be an obsession every now and then. At least the notifier sound is so adorable!

But not everything sounds good together. All the Tweets, FB chat sounds, text messages, phone calls, and digital sounds can be annoying at times; a recipe for a dreadful headache. Yet, filmmaker Chris Crutchfield shows us that all these digital sounds can work together in a seamless fusion of good music.

Crutchfield’s short video “Digitals” is his interpretation of a day he experienced, a day in which he received Tweets, sms, Facebook messages, and a phone call all at once. So he decided to make a short video & turn all the madness of the digital sounds into a video that in my opinion is awesomesauce.

If only the sounds of my day could actually create a nice mellow tune. But then again, my days consistent of house music blasting from my speakers & ipod dock; so usually the digital sounds of the day get lost in pure awesomesauce of house. Yet, I’m sure it would be kind of fun to take the sounds of electronics and turn them into a song. But luckily, Chris Crutchfield has already done that for us.

Peep the visuals below.

Β©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

DNB Release | Netsky – “Give & Take”

These past few weeks have just been amazing. I’ve spent a majority of my time working on school work, making beats, and actually going on dates with the same guy. Come to think of it, I’ve actually seen him every single day. We go out on dates, but we spend a lot of time with my family or just chilling at my house playing videogames, working on music, and just getting lost in a zone of creativity; we are totally becoming best friends. But it’s not like it’s getting annoying or anything, because we are actually working on business together. I typically never mix business with pleasure, but sometimes the situation calls for a fair mixture.

It’s been great spending time with someone, and being able to share my love of music. I’m able to give him insight on his vocals & his music, and he’s able to give me support for my writing, my paintings, and a genuine friendship/connection that could be something more…It’s basically a fair exchange of give & take, and Netsky’s drum & bass track “Give & Take” is the perfect soundtrack.

Netsky, the 23 year old dnb sensation from Belgium, has been steadily pumping out some great tracks. But his latest release on Hospital Records is a beautiful track that I can’t help but to play over & over again. Listening to this song, I look back on the past few weeks spending time with my new friend (it’s weird, we act like a couple lol) and get lost in the zone. Perhaps it’s just the power of a drum & bass track, but I do think that Netsky’s “Give & Take” is a dnb release that has this beautiful-surreal vibe. Oh, and did I mention how much I love the piano part? Yeah, it’s boss.

Β©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.