Deep Tech House | Hanna feat. Ajazmir – Sometimes (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix)

Now that the weekday is here, I can finally get back into the groove of schoolwork, blogging, and house music. I hadn’t listened to SS Radio UK in a few days. I figured I was missing out on a lot of good music, but I had no idea that Blockhead Recordings had released a remix of Hanna’s “Sometimes.” I’m not quite familiar with the original track, but the lyrics are enough to catch my attention. I wished I would have heard the song earlier in the weekend, but I’m glad I can chill out to it now.

Basically, I spent a majority of my weekend helping my friend produce this amazing cover of Donell Jones “Where I Wanna Be.” He has this killer vocals and I have the ability to do the actual audio engineering( mixing, layer, etc,) so together we make a pretty solid team.

Even though I’m helping him record & produce R&B/Soul/Gospel tracks, I’ve still got a huge heart for house. He isn’t much a househead, but it’s nice turning him onto the tracks. He’s got the perfect vocals for a soulful deep house song, and maybe he could even hop on a track that has that tech house vibe. But for now we will finalize this cover song & hopefully upload it tomorrow.

I’m anxious to start producing, writing, and maybe recording ( I play flute & learning harmonica) again. I try to listen to a much music as I can so I can be versatile when it comes to production, yet I do wish I could make some nice deep house tracks. Listening to the Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco remix of Hanna’s “Sometimes” just reminds me of how you can take simple phrases & ideas, and turn them into a nice deep tech house track.

I think later this week I’m going to try to start producing some house tracks, but for now I’m going to finalize this “Where I’m Gonna Be” cover & then begin preparing for the next cover song. Ah, it’s so much fun making music!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.