Relativity | Lemâitre’s New EP

If you love the sounds of Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Boys Noize, Justice (my favorite,) Flight Facilities, and Røyksopp, then you really ought to be dying with anticipation for the release of Lemâitre’s new EP Relativity.

Okay, perhaps not dying with anticipation (well, I am) but at least anxious to see whats on the new EP. The Norwegian indie-electronic duo has such a unique vibe to their music. Of course it has influences that could be compared to Daft Punk & Justice, but the aura is different. When I listen to their tracks, especially “Blue Shift,” I feel as if I’m floating on clouds and just zoning out to visions of colorful dreams, romance, and overall happiness. But then tracks like “Come Again” have this 80s electro-vibe, but then it also reminds of me of walking down a grungy street but wearing high fashion; a stark contrast.

Lemâitre has a lot of great tracks that have come out over the years, but their new track “The End” is proving to be a different treat. Different is good. Sometimes its bad, but in this situation it’s good. The track is different from their previous work, but I think fans will still like it (or not?) It all really depends on your musical taste and whether or not you want Lemâitre to keep doing the same thing which you’ve come to fall madly in love with, or try something innovative that you can still grow to love.

If “The End” is any indication the direction the new EP Relativity will take, then I’m anxious to download the new EP when it comes out on January 20th. It’s only 9 days away, so until then I’ll enjoy the exclusive free download of Lemâitre’s new single “The End.” You too can also enjoy this amazing new track. Click the download button the file below, or feel free to head over to Lemâitre’s official Facebook page & download it.

The track really picks up @ 1:00

Haven’t gotten enough Lemâitre? Then check out some of their other tracks below.

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Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon Gives Props to Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend has been doing quite a lot lately, and his grind has finally deserved some recognition. NDL has being steadily rising in the hip-hop scene as a newcomer, but with the latest acclaim from Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, it will be a matter of time for Napoleon Da Legend makes it big in the industry.

The folks over did an exclusive interview with Raekwon. During the interview Raekwon gave his thoughts working on Napoleon Da Legend’s latest single “Oxygen.” The rest of the single will be released later this week, but be sure to head over to to read more.

Big props to Napoleon Da Legend. It’s nice to see him doing his thing and making it big  in the music scene. For him to get props from someone of Raekwon’s caliber in the hip-hop industry speaks on many levels. Congrats NDL!

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