‘Improv Everywhere’ | The Art of Collective Street Pranks

I guess I’d consider myself a spontaneous person, but the level of adrenaline and spontaneity within my personality hasn’t had the chance to be fully unleashed. I have a lot of things I plan on doing, which include the following: parasailing, base jumping, swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing, learning to surf, exploring a cave, riding a hot air balloon, scuba diving (or snorkeling, I might forget a lot of procedures and die while scuba diving), rock climbing a treacherous cliff, and participating in a flash mob/street prank.

A lot of those activities I’d probably experience in a beautiful place like New Zealand (ah, I want to go there so bad,) but the flash mob/street pranks I could easily participate in by taking a drive up to New York. I mean seriously,  it seems like every major collective street prank takes place in NYC. Not only is it a city that is featured in most cliche romantic movies, but it’s also known for it’s collective creativity and the art of collective street pranks.

I mean it probably wouldn’t be that hard to organize a collective street prank, but Improv Everywhere has got it down to a science. The organization has been known for it’s large pranks, including the “No Pants Subway Ride.” Now I don’t think I could ever have shown off my cakes in a prank like that, but I still think it’s cool how they organize these massive pranks. It’s sort of like a piece of art, exception it’s art in motion instead of something motionless.

The collective, which was started in 2000 by Charlie Todd, has successfully pulled off a lot of massive pranks. They’ve become known internationally for “Causing Scenes,” and the exposure they have created has inspired a new documentary that takes a behind the scenes look at the art of causing scenes. The documentary focuses on Improv Everywhere and the mission behind it. It’s currently in the process of being filmed, but they still need to raise money to successfully pull it off. In order to raise money for the film, which is slated to be released in early 2013, the crew and cast are urging people to donate via kickstarter.

Kickstarter.com has become a great way for many films and projects to raise money in order to finance their projects. Hopefully Improv Everywhere can raise enough money to actually make this film a reality. But with the future of this film being so uncertain at the moment, the crew has released a teaser trailer of what is to come. If they raise enough money, then this teaser trailer can actually turn into a feature-length reality. So be sure to support the cause and click here to donate.

If you’ve always wondered how they pull off those major street pranks, then you don’t want to miss the chance to make this film a reality. Support the cause, because it’s very cool to see Improv Everywhere & their slogan “We Cause Scenes” in action.

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House | The Layabouts ft. Kathy Brown – “Choices (Restless Soul Vocal Mix)”

Good afternoon/morning/evening everyone (depending upon where in the world your located.) It’s been three days since I’ve blogged and I’ve terribly missed sharing the cool things I’ve found with you guys. But it was the holiday weekend, so I think it was nice to take that time out and just spend it with family. As I stated in my last post I didn’t really have a big Christmas this year, just cooked and spent time with family. Oh, and most of my day I spent playing Battlefield 3 & Modern Warfare.

Christmas this year was honestly just another day, but it was great spending it with family.  It also gave me the time to reflect back on the year, and how 2012 is just right around the corner. I made a lot of choices in 2011, some good, some bad. But life is all about learning from the choices we make, so when I reflect back on all my choices I pat myself on the back. Life is too short to not make choices, take a chance, and dare to dream.

In 2012 I have a lot of choices I know I’ll need to make, especially considering the fact I graduate college in the summer. I have to seriously map out a plan (of course things are subject to change, but least I have a guiding direction.) 2012 is going to be a new start for me. No more friendships that are just a waste of space, and no more settling for men that just don’t treat me right. 2012 is my time to shine. A time for me to transition into a new level of adulthood and independence that comes after college. It’s going to be another year filled with choices, but I think it will be filled with choices that won’t leave my soul restless.

As usual, every time I began reflecting on my life or a concept, I always run across a house song that perfectly fits the context. So when I began thinking about choices and the year ahead, I actually ended up hearing a song related to choices. The song was a house song by The Layabouts and it featured the vocals of Kathy Brown. The song is called “Choices,” but the Restless Soul Vocal Mix is the version that stands out amongst the rest. The soulful beat gives Kathy Brown’s vocals a chance to shine, but the chorus makes you just want to get down on the dance floor. The song makes you want to step, dream, believe, and make choices.


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