An Insanely Dope House Track: “Race of Survival”

Once a week (sometimes twice if I’m lucky,) I’ll run across a track that blows my mind. It takes a lot for a track to utterly amaze me beyond belief (unless of course its house.) But even if it’s a house track, it still takes a lot for me to fall madly in love with a track and just become overwhelmed to the point where the music takes over and I have to “jack my body.” All you house heads know what I mean when that overwhelming vibe comes and you have to just dance, get your groove on, and basically “jack your body.”

A lot of tracks have the power to get you moving, but Seamus Haji’s “Race of Survival” is a track that you are required to move your body to. The track is by Seamus Haji and he’s presenting Mekkah featuring Stephan Granville. The original track is bound to get you moving, but the Sean McCabe remix is an insanely dope house track. As one guy on YouTube commented, “If no part of your body moves when listening to this track, you have no soul, that’s all I’m saying …… ;)”

Man, I’ve got to give it to some of those witty commentary providers on YouTube. Some of them as usual are just racist idiots that post thing irrelevant to the posted video, but then you’ve got those folks who come up with such original comments. I think the best one I read was last week when this guy posted “This isn’t the official remix, but whoever posted this video is the official asshole.” HAHA, I love it!

YouTube has a lot of great commentary, but the house music videos are even better. But I actually ran across this track while listening to SS Radio UK. I’m telling you guys, if you haven’t subscribed to the free SS Radio UK house podcasts on iTunes, then you’re missing out on some timeless music. Some of the best old and new tracks are played in their episodes. So if you’re a house music junkie, then please do yourself a favorite and check out SS Radio Uk. If you think Seamus Haji Pres. Mekkah featuring Stephan Granville “Race of Survival” is a dope soulful track, then you’ll want to get lost in some other great tunes on the massive collection of house played on the SS Radio UK shows. They’ve got shows in the following categories: lounge & chill, funk & disco, tuff & twisted, and hard & fast. Go support the cause, keep the house music alive.

I’m in a good mood today, so I’m going to post another song that I think you’ll love.

Dj Said featuring Reelsoul – “Joy Till Midnight (Rasoul Remix)”

Β©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Pure Comedy: Foster The People – “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) in a role, especially in a music video. I’d have to say that’s a first. She’s a great actress, but I never would have imagined her being the main character in a Foster the People music video. Well, I guess anything is possible, and apparently Foster the People thought she’d be perfect for their music video “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls.)”

The video features the band’s frontman Mark Foster getting wrapped up in a car chase, as Sidibe drives the car and tries to keep him from jumping out on various occasions. The video is pure comedy! It’s random, has a vintage old town feel, and it’s a great song that is hard not to like. Foster the People are an amazing band, with great live performance and music videos to match their talents.

If you like Foster the People, then be sure to watch the video below. The police officers in the video are the band’s bassist Cubbie Fink and drummer Mark Pontius. The whole gang is there to engage in a funny hot pursuit of Ms. Sidibe and Mark Foster.

Β©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.