Stay Colorful | Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls”

Eh, it’s beginning to get a lot colder here in Maryland. It’s not as bad as it was being in Denver on a cold day, but it’s starting to get chilly. The other day it attempted to snow, but it didn’t stick at all. I was disappointed for a moment, but then remembered my dad had to take the bus home so I crossed my fingers and wished that it would stop snowing. It’s totally not fun taking the train & bus when it’s chilly outside, but you do what you’ve got to do until you get a car.

I was actually going to go to the Smithsonian the other day, but it was too cold and I didn’t feel like taking the bus all the way to Shady Grove then riding the train down to Union. So instead I enjoyed the comfort of my house and daydreamed about summer. I sort of miss those humidly hot days here in Maryland. Those days when all you did was listen to upbeat summer anthems while wearing colorful clothes. Summer, and even Spring, making being flirty and wearing colorful clothes so much more fun. You can flirt in winter, but it’s not as sexy because you don’t get to wear all the colorful revealing clothes.

My reminiscing about summer and warm weather just inspires me to start vacationing more and perhaps going down to Miami for the weekends. But until that becomes a reality (graduating & having a job to afford weekend trips,) then I’ll just enjoy one of my favorite summer time songs,  “Climbing Walls.”

I guess it doesn’t have to just be a track for summer, because apparently it’s winter and I’ve been jamming to this song all day. The song came out in 2010, and it’s be an awesome Australian indie band called Strange Talk. The band has a lot of good songs (including “Eskimo Boy”) but “Climbing Walls” is a formidable track with a vibrant video to match.

Every time I watch the video and listen to the song, I feel like just dancing around and daydreaming about hot men, summer breeze, lemonade, and happiness. Yup, pretty simple. It’s just one of those songs that can turn a cold depressing day into a vibrant explosion of colorful inspiration. It makes you just want to get up and go create!

Like I said, it’s a song that came out in 2010 but it’s still relevant. The tune is so catchy, and the video is just so colorful! Everyone needs a splash of color in their lives, but they don’t know how to get it. So if you’re feeling sad or cold, then turn up your speakers and bug out to the sounds of Strange Talk’s hit song “Climbing Walls.”

Oh, and after you’ve bugged out to “Climbing Walls” then wind down with the mellow sounds of “Eskimo Boy.”

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The Art of Slow Motion Film | High Speed Reel 2011

When it comes to film, I’ve always been extremely fascinated with slow-motion & time-lapses. I still haven’t had the chance to actually due an intricate time-lapse, but I did dabble with slow-motion techniques when taking some production classes during my underclassmen days.

I honestly still have a lot of filmmaking I’d like to complete, I just need to get better equipment and in the right mindset. Until that day actually comes along (hopefully this Spring I will film,) I will continue to enjoying the amazing works of filmmakers worldwide.

A lot of amazing short films are being posted on the Web nowadays, but one that stands out to me right now is this amazing slow motion film by Charles Bergquist. This San Diego, California-based photographer/director/designer just revealed a new piece of film art titled “High Speed Reel.” The reason I call his film “film art” is because you can tell from the film that he is more than just a filmmaker. Bergquist utilizes his photographer eye to capture breathtaking moments using his Olympus i-Speed3 video camera.

The film captures some beautiful moments in life, and the video is set to some amazing music by Mux Mool called “The Butterfly Effect.” The video is so high quality, but it’s also very innovative. Slow-motion may seem like a simple process, but he clearly timed everything out just right and chose certain angles to shoot from, as well as picking the right subject matter. The precision that he used to shoot this result in a phenomenal work of slow-motion art that needs to be seen.

View this incredible film below & visit Charles Bergquist’s website for more amazing film & photography.

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Do You Know the Code? | MTV2’s ‘Guy Code’ & Brotips

The only time I ever watch MTV2 is when I’m in search of music videos or random programming that makes no sense. Seriously, some of the shows on MTV evoke a major WTF? I mean come on now, Parental Control? That show is just so stupid! The only good thing about it is I guess a few good laughs here and there, but even then I’d much prefer True Life. That is my show! The best show MTV has ever produced. That is until they introduced a hot new show called Guy Code.

When it comes to MTV’s programming and television shows there are only a few shows I really like. I love Made, True Life, Friendzone, and now I love Guy Code. Friendzone is a show that MTV introduced in the past few months and basically it’s people trying to get out of the friend zone and telling their friend how much they care about them. It’s a pretty interesting show, and it catches my attention because I’ve never been in that zone. I’m usually putting a guy in a friend zone or I just straight up tell him that I like him, so yeah, what’s up? Haha, I’m pretty blunt when it comes to my emotions.

Being in the friend zone can suck, but one thing I hate is when a guy doesn’t know the “code.” You know females we have protocols aka codes that we abide by in order to make the right impression, be a lady, and remain calm under pressure or under the glance of an attractive man. You don’t ever want to look uncool or just desperate. There is an art to every social action. Well, that same principle of codes applies to men as well. Men have certain things they know to do and not to do in order to remain “cool” and not appear like a psycho or lame.

MTV2’s Guy Code is a basically a show that discusses the codes/rules. Whats acceptable and what isn’t. When drinking becomes embarrassing and the amount of back hair that is acceptable. There are just certain things that men should & need to know in order to live a fulfilled life that is copacetic amongst their bros and the ladies. I mean it’s not like every code on the show should be followed, but the commentary provided is so hilarious! Even if you don’t like the codes you can at least crack up at the insight of comedians, celebrities, and other pop culture commentators.

I never had a reason to really watch MTV2 until seeing three episodes of Guy Code. It’s definitely going to be a show that I won’t be missing. It’s just super funny! But even if I do miss an episode, I can always go to and watch full episodes and hilarious clips.

So if you haven’t seen Guy Code, then head on over to the site and learn some of the codes. While you’re at it, head over to Now that is one hilarious website! It’s filled with a bunch of tips that are totally worth passing around. Bros need to stick together and share the tips. Haha, so go check it out! But most importantly, take everything in with a grain of salt and remember, dude don’t be that guy….You know, that guy.

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Awesomesauce | Portlandia

So the other day I was perusing Netflix in search of something hilarious to watch. The comedy section didn’t really have anything that caught my eye, so then I decided to go check out the television series section. Simply put, I love television shows. I’m a TV junkie. No shame to my game. I love TV! It’s not like I just sit and watch drama filled reality shows (even though I do enjoy Love & Hip-Hop). There’s a lot of good stuff on television to watch, but I never really knew how awesome IFC was until yesterday. It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned I was missing out an amazing show, Portlandia.

I had seen a preview of the second season a few days ago while watching “Billy on the Street” on IFC (I’ll blog about that show too). Portlandia basically is a show that is based off the eccentric vibe of Portland, Oregon. It stars Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein, and the two of them portray a variety of characters in this sketch comedy show. Each episode follows Fred & Carrie, as well as the other characters of Portland they portray.

Portland has been one of the spots in the United States (including Miami, Seattle, & Texas) that I have yet to visit. Even though I haven’t gone to Portland yet, I did hear quite a bit about it while I was living in Denver. I constantly ran into people that loved Portland and it’s hippy/90s coffee vibe. Just as the show Portlandia shows, Portland is a place where the dream of the 90s is still alive. It’s like an ultimate flashback. A city filled with hipsters, skaters, feminists, coffee lovers, and artsy fartsy folks. There is even an adult hide-and-seek league!

It wasn’t until watching Portlandia and cracking up at the characters, that I realized how awesome Portland must be. I don’t think I’d ever want to live there, but of course a visit couldn’t hurt. I plan on traveling the country and world, so might as well visit all the major cities I can. But until I actually go experience that 90s flashback for myself, then I will chill out and enjoy IFC’s original show, Portlandia.

Oh, and the theme song is amazing! The song is called “Feel it All Around” and it’s by this group called Washed Out. If you don’t watch the show for any other reason, then at least watch it for the theme song. It’s so chill….

Watch more clips on & be sure to check out the second season when it airs on January 6, 2012.

From the 1st episode


Adult hide-and-seek league

Theme Song w/ a cool video created by someone

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Hot New Release | The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol #1

For the past few weeks & months we have been graced by some amazing tracks produced by Crazy Al Cayne, and featuring the lyrics of rapper Napoleon Da Legend. Every video has provided us with a mental flashback to the golden era of hip-hop. Every track has that 90s vibe (considering the fact all the beats were originally made by Crazy Al Cayne in the 90s).

It was great watching the videos, having a 90s flashback, and hearing more about the project, but I’m sure the thought that crossed many fans minds was “When will it be released?!” Well folks, after months of building anticipation, the wait for The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend has finally come to an end.

The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend has finally been released and it’s available for free download. Yes, you heard correctly…free download! The 10-track album has been released for free, so do yourself an ode to hip-hop favor and go download a copy. Support the momentum of originality that reminds us why we love rappers like Napoleon Da Legend and producers/directors/creative folks like Crazy Al Cayne.

Be sure to download your copy of The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1: Napoleon Da Legend from the link below and show some love by passing this article around. Tell everyone you know to check it out, because it’s a great after Christmas present that will bring 2012 in the right way; a 90s flashback to keep your hip-hop soul alive & well.

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Awesomesauce | United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)

A lot of great songs came out in 2011, so what better way to celebrate the best songs of 2011 than mashing a bunch of videos together! DJ Earworm must have thought the exact same thing, which is why he decided to mash together the best songs of 2011. This mashup resulted in a new dance song called “United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom).

The mashup was done quite nice! It actually seamlessly blends together a wide variety of songs. Below is a list of the songs used in the mashup. It’s so awesome! I love every song used in the video.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep, Adele – Someone Like You, Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough, Bruno Mars – Grenade, Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song
Britney Spears – Till The World Ends, Cee Lo Green – F* You, Enrique Iglesias – Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor,Jeremih feat. 50 cent – Down On Me, Katy Perry – Firework, Katy Perry – E.T.,Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), Lady Gaga – Born This Way, LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem,LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It,Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On,Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger,Nicki Minaj – Super Bass,OneRepublic – Good Life, Pink – Raise Your Glass, Pitbull – Give Me Everything,Rihanna – S&M, Rihanna – We Found Love

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