Awesomesauce: Super Mario Beads 2

Yeah, I’m team Ps3, but for life I will always and forever be a fan of Super Mario. It’s just one of the most epic-awesomesauce games ever created! It may not be complex with a bunch of shooting, but it’s strategy will have you wanting to thrust the controller across the room. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve thrown my controller, then sulked across the room, picked it up, and spent another few hours in a haze of tedious concentration, infused with anger, followed by the joy of seeing the adorable toadstools.

Super Mario N64 is probably my favorite of all time, but I do love the classic Super Mario Bros. as well. It’s such an iconic character when it comes to gaming, so it’s nice that it will be a reference that will never get old. Man, I can’t even imagining having kids way down the line and trying to explain to them who Mario is. Wow, that’s going to be interesting! I’ll just have to immerse my kids in a gaming history lesson and explain to them that toadstools are the cutest characters ever incorporated in a video game. Or, maybe I’ll just sit down and show them a bunch of viral videos that show how epic Mario is.

If I had to choose a viral video that shows how awesomesauce Mario is, then I’d be a fool not to show Super Mario Beads 2. Have you guys seen it? It’s the latest viral sensation in the gaming/technology community right now. It’s basically a stop-motion video made by Marcus and Hannes Knutsson, and it thrusts Mario into the real world environment. It’s an exuberant video that includes the iconic Mario theme song, and it just inspires me to continue being creative. I love when people have abstract ideas and bring them to life. Watching this video inspires me to go pick up my camera and start actually filming my television show idea. I must create! Perhaps I will even dabble in some stop-motion, but I doubt it would ever be as epic as Super Mario Beads 2.

Check out pure awesomesauce below. Dude, you can’t ever go wrong with stop-motion and Mario. When it comes to creativity, anything Mario related doesn’t have to abide by the laws of nature. Imagination is totally free to run wild, especially if you throw in some adorable toadstools!

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PSN Has Finally Made Me Proud

Man, remember when the Playstation Network went down in April/May 2011? I literally thought the world was going to come to an end. As a gamer, there is nothing I love more than being able to play online with my friends and other gamers across the world. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not addicted to Call of Duty, well…because I sort of am. So when the network went down back in April, I had lost all respect for the PSN. I wasn’t able to play Call of Duty for a what felt like decades, but in actuality it was only a few weeks. But that outage had me wondering if the PSN would ever gain my respect, and make me a proud Ps3 owner again.

In order keep us consumers happy, Sony did give us some games back then since we survived that tragic ordeal. The free games they gave us were okay (Dead Nation was the only good one,) but I just felt like they really needed to give us something better. Since the outage, PSN has continued to add better full games for download and the Playstation Plus membership does seem to have it’s perks when it comes to game selections. I don’t have a Plus membership, but I still peruse the network in search of some cool free downloads. Beyond Good and Evil still isn’t free, but the full game is only $9.99 and I used to love playing it. I’ve got to admit the selection of games they offer for download is getting way better, but I think PSN has finally made us PS3 owners very proud. DC Universe Online is officially free for us beloved PS3 owners.

In October Sony and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that DC Universe Online was going to finally be free to play on PC and PS3. Dude, how effin’ spectacular is that?! I mean you actually get to download the game for free, and then basically become the hero or villain you always dreamed of being. I’m sold. I actually finally got around to downloading it a few days ago, which for some reason took like 8 hours! But it’s a 16gb file, so it’s a massive download. Yet, in the end it’s so worth it! If you happen to be one of those PS3 haters and a glorified Xbox 360 junkie, then you’re missing out! I know PSN may not be impressive to some, but it has finally truly made me proud to be a Ps3 owner.

I own all three major systems, but I’ve always been Team Ps3. I just love not having to pay for online fees and being able to have access to some pretty cool PS3 only games such as Little Big Planet, Uncharted, and DCUO (DC Universe Online.) I’m so glad that the game is finally free and I actually find myself getting caught up for hours flying around and leveling up to enhance my character’s powers. I never been big on MMORPG’s, but DCUO sure does have a spot in my heart. It’s such a mind blowing game, and if you don’t have it, then go download it from PSN! Oh and to all my fellow PS3 owners out there, be sure to add me on PSN @ Funk25

I’m off to go play DCUO online and fly around for hours, so I now declare this post complete! LOL….I’m telling you, the PSN has finally made me uber proud to be on team Ps3. Ah, it’s so amazing!

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Awesomesauce & the Art of Being Geeky Chic

I’m a lover of all things artsy, but I’m also a lover of all things geeky with a hint of delicate chic. I’m not one of those females that compromises my femininity in order to enjoy videogames and geek culture. I still love sassing it up and looking glamorous, but the lingo that comes out of my mouth is often a shock to most folks. It’s not that I go around talking random “manly” topics, but my conversation is just uber down to earth, geeky, random, and imaginative.

Now I will admit that when I was in middle school and high school I tried to suppress my personality in order to fit in with the rest of the “normal” girls that all the guys wanted, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t hide my exuberant characteristics. I still always felt like an outcast and a lot of the so called “normal” and “popular” girls always found a way to tease me. You’d think that me being like basically 6ft tall and thick would put some fear in their eyes, but they were just idiots. There were so many girls in middle school and high school I just wanted to smash their skulls in, but I just tried to ignore the robotic drones and focused on discovering the art of being geeky chic, which in my opinion is pure awesomesauce at it’s finest quality.

It’s not like I walk around wearing “weird” clothes, but my personality is just this compilation of confident art and abstract enthusiasm. I don’t live my life like an obsolete apology waiting to be accepted, yet I opt for living a life filled with the elbow room to explore the creative gears churning inside my noggin. Oh yeah, I should also mention that my declaration of being geeky chic and high on awesomesauce, is a declaration that wouldn’t be complete unless I told you that I’m extremely blunt. I’m not a sarcastic prick or a bitchy asshole, but I don’t hold back my thoughts. A lot of guys I dated used to complain that I never really opened up and seemed vulnerable, so I decided “You know what, they have a valid point. So let me start speaking my mind and not hiding my artistic-geek-chic desires.” Instead of showing off a few aspects of my personality in order not to seem “weird” or too avant-garde, I often found myself still being me but not letting the cat out of the bag.

The art of being a female geek and understanding how to cultivate an aura that is totally awesomesauce is one that I’ve finally gotten down to a science. I’m all about letting the cat out of the bag, and I don’t mean that term in the usual negative connotation of unleashing a secret. For me, the term means to just be upfront and honest with the type of woman I am. I’m glad that I’ve figured it out now at such a young age, rather than spending the next 10 to 15 years of my life still trying to find my personality. I know me. I know the pieces that put me together. I know my humor. I know my attitude. I know what works, and I also know what doesn’t work for me. Trying to be this glamorous chick who’s always on point and has this seemingly “flawless” vibe is something that doesn’t work for me.

I’m at the point now where you honestly either get me or you don’t. In the subculture of being a proclaimed geek and artist, there is no concealing of innate character; which is what makes awesomesauce so epic and awesome. A person who has become one with their true identity and isn’t ashamed to share it with the world is someone that bathes in awesomesauce. It’s like you just don’t care if people accept you or not, because at the end of the day you’re still going to have that zone of immeasurable creativity that feeds your soul. Craving the attention of someone’s else affirmation is a tasteless task that I’d rather not embark on.

The art of being who I am is entirely an abstract aura of ingenuity, liberation, geeky chic, and a tantalizing body wash called AwesomeSauce. The basic ingredients are: no explanations, no apologizing, a dosage of fearlessness, vibrant color spectrum, a list of “what if”s in case zombies ever attacked, three favorite superpowers, a worldly musical ear, and a stable addiction to videogames. You can take or add from these ingredients, but at the end of the day it’s still going to be a creative fusion of awesomesauce.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Invisible, Electrifying, & Ultimate Mayhem

Dude, I’m the first to admit that I’m such a geek. For starters, I’m always calling up my guy friends and saying “Dude,[insert geek related phrase.]” When I’m not focused on the serious issues of life, then nine out of ten times I’m daydreaming about the possibilities of zombie outbreaks and alien invasions. There is just something so enthralling about visions of zombies and aliens attacking, and how one would ideally act in the situation.

Now I’d love to have superpowers if an event of epic proportions took place, but that’s a conversation for another day. So for now, I’m just going to attempt to focus on zombies and aliens. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and I often find myself daydreaming about situations like that and how I’d react. It’s sort of like a hobby. I enjoy just zoning out (no drugs necessary) and planning how I would tackle the impending catastrophic zombie outbreak or alien invasion. I’m not this world star athlete (working on getting in badass shape) but I still think I have the agility to be quick on my feet and probably wield a machete.

As long as you have some type of weapon, are in decent running shape, and can use some logic, then you’ll be a great candidate for surviving savage zombies. But what if your enemies were invisible aliens? You can’t see them, you can barely sense them, and at any moment you can be zapped into a pile of ashes waiting to be swept by the grumpy janitor. Yet even then the janitor could turn around and be zapped into another pile of dusty ashes, then who’s going to sweep it up? Well if this scenario happens to be like the premise of the new movie The Darkest Hour, then sooner than later nobody will be left to due any sweeping, let alone any talking.

The Darkest Hour is the latest movie from director Chris Gorak (Fight Club & Minority Report) and producer Timur Bekmambetov‘s (Wanted, Night Watch), and it’s a sci-fi thriller that gives a spin on the typical alien invasion. My favorite all time alien invasion is Independence Day, and since then I have yet to see a lot of films with noteworthy alien destruction. Of course I have to admit that I love the Alien movies and Predator series, but aside from those films there aren’t a lot of alien invasion flicks that impress me. However, The Darkest Hour looks like a promising film that goes beyond the norm concept of ugly aliens and eating human flesh.

The premise of the film is basically about five people that get stranded in Moscow, Russia and have to somehow survive in the wake of an alien invasion. The aliens aren’t just eating people’s brains and lurking around the corner with goo dripping from their slimy skin; the aliens in this film are invisible and electrifying, they can zap you out of existence in a matter of milliseconds. The aliens are completely invisible, but they have control over this weird electrical phenomena, and oh…yeah…they’ve got high-tech radar/vision, so they can see you clearly. It’s kind of hard to imagine fighting off an invisible enemy who can control all types of electrical sources, but I’m sure the cast of The Darkest Hour will figure it out.

The Darkest Hour has a unique premise and the cast isn’t filled with star studded actors, so that will be a nice change of pace from the usually Hollywood heroes. It’s also refreshing to see another city get destroyed instead of New York, Los Angeles, or London (in the movie Attack the Block London got invaded.) The Darkest Hour doesn’t come out until Christmas Day, but I doubt I feel like fighting off the holiday zombies just to see it. But following Christmas Day I will be sure to grab a buddy and go see The Darkest Hour. One could easily download it using some type of torrent, but I prefer the full on experience of electrifying mayhem and destruction in a theatre with surreal surround sound. And oh, I forgot to mention it’s going to be in 3d. So yeah, don’t be lazy, go see it in 3D on Christmas Day! It could be great preparation for the day when aliens actually invade….you never know! lol.

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Can’t Help Myself [video]– N.D.L ft La Femme Nikita

Can’t Help Myself – N.D.L ft La Femme Nikita.

Napoleon Da Legend has been on his grind lately working on new music and videos for tracks off his collobaration with Crazy Al Cayne, The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1. A majority of the tracks off the project were produced by Crazy Al Cayne in the early 90s, but this track “Can’t Help Myself” is a hot track featuring Texas emcee La Femme Nikita, and it wasn’t produced in the early 90s.

It’s a solid collab between NDL and La Femme Nikita that reminds us that there are still some dope female emcee’s out there that are doing their thing in the hip-hop scene. Peep the visuals below and be sure to show some love by following NDL on Twitter @Napoleondaleg

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Deep House: Larse – “So Long”

Man, it’s been a few days since I’ve sat down and actually written a blog post. The holiday was pretty chill, and it was nice catching up with family, but I’m glad to finally be out of holiday mode and back into music+videogames+working out+ school mode. I have different modes that I’m in, but I’ve really been off into this music exploration mode. I’m constantly on the hunt for new music, it’s like some type of addiction except without negative side effects and a potential for rehab.

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ve come to realize that I like a wide variety of music. But at the end of the day I will always be a house junkie. My collection of house continues to grow on a daily basis, and today I discovered a recently released track by Larse. This German DJ has been pumping out a lot of tracks, including his summer hit “The More I Want.” A lot of his tracks have an awesome deep house vibe and a nice pair of vocals that bring the song to life, but his latest song “So Long” is one that is pure sexy!

The track isn’t as deep as most of the deep house tracks I tend to post, but it’s still a nice tune from Larse. The vocals are simple with the repetition of “So long I needed love right near me.” I like how the vocals don’t really complete the thought, so it allows room for interpretation. When I listen to it I get the vibe of “So long I needed love right near me [insert phrase.]” In that insert box you can probably add a lot more to it, but it’s nice to just daydream and space out to the beat.

Larse is yet another DJ/Producer from Germany that I’m really starting to dig. I’m not sure what it is about the atmosphere of Germany, but it seems like the culture of their has great appreciation for house. It’s on my list of places to hopefully one day visit and check out the nightlife. But even though I don’t live in a place with a major house scene, at least up and down the East Coast I can go to events and venues that have that pure house. There are even a few spots in D.C. that have some soulful house, I’m just not 21 yet. :(

Here is also Larse’s track from the summer, “The More I Want.” If you haven’t heard of DJ Larse, then check him out!

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