Kaskade, Rebecca & Fiona – “Turn It Down”

I love how one moment I can be off in this world filled with the soulful vibes of house, neo-soul vocals of Jill Scott, and even the melodic jazz sounds of Kirk Whalum. I can become so easily peaced out on this down-to-earth bohemian type vibe, but then moments later I can have this mega adrenaline rush and starting jumping up and down as the sounds of dance music serenade me. Now, I’m not actually jumping up and down, but I visualize a little caricature of me jumping up in down inside my head, screaming for a bunch of friends that actually like dance & house music, so we can go out to clubs and just tear it up!

The thing that sucks is all the night clubs I really want to go to our mainly 21 and up, but in April I’ll finally be legal! For now I’m just grinding away on school work, hitting the gym like crazy, and having little parties of my own inside my head. But sometimes my imagination gets overworked, so I’m forced to go ask YouTube to find me some creative music videos that are worth watching. Sometimes it takes hours of searching, but today all I had to do was log in and on the home page was a suggestion for Kaskade’s new music video “Turn It Down.” I’m a Kaskade fan, so I didn’t skip a beat. I pushed play, and fell in love.

I’m a big fan of Kaskade, but I will admit I’ve never heard of Rebecca & Fiona until today. But after a Google search and listening to some of their songs on YouTube, I will say that even though these girls suck at dancing, they have some great music! They have this chilly yet intriguing sound, and they first made their debut over a year or so ago with a hit track called “Luminary Ones.” The girls are a Swedish music duo, but they also DJ as well.

The hot new track “Turn It Down” gives Rebecca & Fiona a chance to show off their playful side, while as usual Kaskade brings forth an impeccable mixture that can have the crowds screaming “turn it up” instead of “Turn It Down.” Man, I can so just imagine what it would be like going wild and listening to this song while the strobe lights are pumping, crowds cheering, and folks are getting all sexy. I swear once I turn 21 and like graduate, I’m so finding some new friends who like to go out and listen to some good house and dance music. I’m not going to spend all my twenties staying at home on Friday nights, no sir! That’s a time to travel the world, go to art shows, dance the night away, and somewhere along the way maybe run into a hot guy with potential to be more than a friend. ;)

But for now, it’s all about finding that good music and still being able to enjoy it even when the strobe lights are pulsating and the crowds are going crazy; you can still chill out at home and get lost in the beautiful ice skating, the quirkiness of Rebecca & Fiona, and the intoxicating beats of Kasade’s music video for “Turn It Down.”

The song is on Kaskade’s latest album Fire & Ice, so be sure to check it out!

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Sexy & Soulful Visuals for Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall “So Gone (What My Mind Says)”

Without a question of a doubt, Jill Scott is looking so soulful and sexy in her new music video for “So Gone(What My Mind Says.)” The video was released earlier this weekend, and Miss Scott playful teases us with tantalizing poetry that sends ripples throughout our bodies. She has such an amazing way of elegantly putting words together and creating soulful music that is classy, yet filled with such a sensual vibe of sexuality.

The track features some surprisingly smooth vocals from rapper Paul Wall. I haven’t seen or heard him on the scene in a while, but it’s not like I really pay attention to him or his music. However, in this case, I will say that he drops a solid flow that fits just right with the soulful seductiveness of Jill Scott’s voice.

If you happen to be a huge fan of Jill Scott, then peep the visuals below. She looks great, and losing weight has definitely given her a nice thick figure that shows off the curves of a real woman; you go girl!

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