Hot New Deep House Releases From Shur-I-Kan

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a compilation disc from Defected Records. Every year I try to get the Defected in the House Evissa series or Miami, but there are so many other great records from the Defected name I need to get. The record label works with some of the best deep house, electro, dance, acid house, and other electronica artists in the world. Whether you’re looking for beach soundtracks, Ibiza infused music, or soulful deep house tracks, you’re guaranteed to find something on the Defected label.

I always end up getting lost on for hours. The site usually has so many house related goodies, and today I happened to stumble across a hot new release that is driving me crazy! On their website they have a little playlist you can listen to while you browse. The playlist typically offers up a variety of tracks that can be heard on current releases, upcoming releases, and the weekly Defected in the House Podcast. A lot of the songs on the playlist right now our pretty hot, but the latest release from DJ/Producer Shur-I-Kan is pure fire!

Shur-i-kan has been making a pretty good name for himself in the house scene, and his new EP Body Double is a collection of two tracks that are too deep for words. He’s known for pumping out some great remixes, collaborations, and other deep house tracks, but his new tracks “Joy” and “Body Double” are by far my favorite! A true deep house track immediately grabs your attention and you can’t help but to keep moving; it makes you just want to, in the words of classic house anthems, “jack your body.”

If you haven’t heard of Shur-I-Kan and his deep house tracks & remixes, then you need to check him out! He’s worked with Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, Milton Jackson, and so many more! Both of the tracks can be downloaded from the number one resource for house music, I’m telling you, if you’re a fan of that good deep house music that gives your body chills and sends you into a state of euphoria, then you need to peep these hot new releases from Shur-I-Kan.

Tracks can be bought at:

Shur-I-Kan – “Joy”

Too deep for words!

Shur-I-Kan – “Body Double”

I’m so loving this track!

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Check Out Mary J. Blige’s “25/8” Music Video, Jamile McGee Is in It!

Good afternoon!

It’s a wet and snowy day here in Maryland, but I plan on spending the day inside playing Battlefield 3( love the online play and amazing graphics) and doing some school work as well. I know a few weeks ago I posted information about my brother, dancer and choreographer Jamile McGee dancing with Gloria Estefan on The View, but he was also on The Rosie Show and Jay Leno. He did a great job performing and had a lot of fun working with Gloria and the other dancers, but I also forgot to mention that while he was in New York tapping on The View, he had gotten a direct hire to dance in Mary J. Blige’s video “25/8”.

Through out most of his dance career after making it big on season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance?, Jamz (Jamile) has had the opportunity to work with many great artists and appear in their music videos, as well as commercial, television, and tour work. He’s met some pretty cool people, but he did say that Mary J. Blige was very nice and so down to earth. Her new song “25/8” is such a great song and the video features some pretty nice dance scenes as well. I’m so proud of Jamz for being such an amazing dancer and showing people that you can make a career out of dance, you just have to believe in yourself, and being insanely talented doesn’t hurt either. ;)

Check out the video below! You can see Jamile in some of the dance scenes. At one point he’s in front on the ground next to Mary J. Blige and she pushes his head back with her hand. I love how she looks in this video, so powerful, confident, and just doing her thing!

Mary J. Blige – 25/8