Movies To Lookout For Fall 2011/2012

I haven’t been to the movie theatre since I saw Real Steel a few weeks ago. That movie was pretty good, but there are so many great films coming out this Fall and in 2012.  I’m a big movie buff, especially with the help of Netflix, Xfinity OnDemand, and Amazon Prime Instant movies feeding my obsession. When I’m usually taking a break from school work, then most likely you can find me working out, playing videogames, or watching movies.

There are millions of movie choices to choose from, but then there are those movies that hit the big screen. Not every movie that is released in  theaters is good, but there are some films worth sweating over in anticipation of their release. I already wrote a post about Chronicle and The Avengers, but there are some other films worth keeping an eye out for. It all really depends on your taste in movies. My diverse taste in so many different genres is the same when it comes to my taste in movies. I took a bunch of film classes during my underclassmen college years (feels great to be a senior now,) so I was exposed to even more films. I love action films, psychological thrillers, comedies, romance, historical period films, sci-fi, and so many other genres. So the trailers below are a range of films that I’m looking forward to the last part of fall and 2012.

Any films you think should be added to the list?

Movies To Lookout For 2011/2012 by Release Date

Oct. 28: Anonymous

I plan on seeing this movie on Friday with my mom. This movie is intrigueing because it’s the story behind Shakespeare and the controversy that someone else wrote all his work. I’ve heard of this controversy before, but I’m not quite sure if it’s true. Maybe he did or didn’t have a ghost writer. Whatever the case may be, this film looks like a great movie that will shed some light on the subject.

Nov 18: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I

Yeah, I actually plan on seeing this with my sister-n-law. I never read the books, but have watched each movie. I like it because that Taylor Lautner is hot! But the series isn’t that bad, it’s pretty cool. Of course I don’t go crazy like young teen girls, but the love story is pretty sweet.

Nov 23: The Artist

This is probably the film I am must anxious to see! I will surely have to devote an independent blog post for this one. It’s filmed in 2011, but the story is set during 1927 and it tells the story of a silent film actor who’s career is about to end as the introduction of the talkies begin (films with voices.) While the transition from silent to talkies is taking place, a beautiful young extra tries to use the moment to shine. This film is a beautiful masterpiece and it reminds me of all the classic films I love to watch on Turner Classic Movies. I watched this trailer and was speechless; it’s such a work of art that pays homage to the early era of classic film.

Dec. 12: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Holmes and Dr. Watson are back for a sequel! If you loved the first Sherlock Holmes as much as I did, then I’m sure this one will be a pleasant treat. I love the mystery and intrigue of the Sherlock Holmes series. I used to watch the television show and the cartoons when I was younger.

Dec. 21: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (Mission Impossible 4)

I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise in any other movie franchise except for Mission Impossible. In this one Ethan Hunt is undercover with his team since the IMF has been shut down when it becomes associated with a national bombing threat. The plot is pretty basic, but the action looks good.

Dec. 21: The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Need I even elaborate? Come on now, it’s TinTin! The adorable story of the Belgian cartoon character that captivated the heart of many children growing up, including my heart. This looks like a great film and the animation is marvelous! But I knew it was going to be a masterful film once Steven Spielberg came on board as director and Peter Jackson decided to produce it.

Jan. 20: Red Tails

There usually isn’t a lot of films that hit theatres staring a majority African-American cast, but this film right here is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen during 1944. It isn’t a remake of the 1995 film The Tuskegee Airmen, but it’s another viewpoint of the historical pilots. It’s directed by George Lucas and it looks like a great film. Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. are even in it! Great casting.

Jan. 27: The Grey

Liam Neeson, oil-rig roughnecks, freezing conditions, and a pack of hungry wolves. The Grey is a film that reminds me of Frozen and those crazy wolves, but it has an intense plot with Neeson doing damage as usual. He happens to be one of my favorite actors when it comes to action movies, so it will be nice to see him go head on with a wolf; Liam Neeson doesn’t take crap from anyone, including vicious wolves! This I have to see!

Mar. 9: The Raven

I’m a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and had a chance to go by his house in Baltimore, Maryland. I didn’t go in it, but I did get a sense of how eerie it was. This film tells the story of Edgar Allan Poe during his last days. Should be a great film for those of us who enjoy his work, his life, and a good crime thriller.

This is just a list of a few films I plan on seeing, and it doesn’t include all the films coming out in Spring 2012. I will have to do a part two as we get closer, but I will say other films worth watching in Spring 2012 are: The Pirates! Band of Misfits (I love Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit, so this looks hilarious!) Battlefield, The Avengers, Chronicle, Men In Black III, and more!

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