What If You Accidentally Became a Superhero?

Imagine that you’re hanging out with some friends and you decide to take random stroll through the woods at night. You probably should be heading home to play some videogames or head to a house party, but instead you decided to roam around the woods late at night. In the midst of your stroll, you and your friends run across a mysterious object. Instead of just ignoring it and going on about ya business, you give into peer pressure and go touch the object. But out of all the times peer pressure has gotten you in trouble, it finally pays off this time and you are immediately granted with superhero powers; what do you do next?

So many things come to mind, but the first thing I would do is probably not so legal. Lol I’d use my powers to somehow rob a bank, and then I’d use the money to improve my life and the lives of those around me. Following that I would probably just have fun moving things around with my hands, impressing guys, and then fighting crime. I wouldn’t want to be a villain. Even though female villains get to wear sexy outfits that are usually dark colored and extremely tight, I’d rather be a hero and somehow make a difference in my community. I know taking revenge on all the people in high school who were total bitches would be pretty awesome, but it wouldn’t make me a better person in the end of the day. So I vow if I ever somehow got superhero powers, then I’d be a heroine and make the streets safer!

I know I’m not the only geek out there that likes to daydream about having powers. You may ask how do I know this for a fact? Well a trailer for a new movie called Chronicle just debuted earlier this week and it is filmed in a documentary style that explores what happens when three teens accidentally become superheroes. The scenario I mentioned at the beginning of this post is actually a premise of the film. The trailer debuted on MTV.com. So if you haven’t seen it on television, then don’t be disappointed that you haven’t yet heard about it.

I’ll admit I was sort of bored when the trailer first started. I was under the assumption is just going to be a movie about three teenage boys probably looking for the ultimate party or something, but as I continued to watch the trailer I realized it was actually about all three of these guys having powers on accident. The major message in this film is what do you do when you get powers? The guys have to decided whether they will evolve into heroes or become a villain. The concept of becoming a hero and evolving has already be done with shows like Heroes, but this film might actually put a new spin on the evolution of becoming either a hero or that villain.

The film stars: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Dane DeHaan, Ashley Hinshaw, Alex Russell, Anna Wood, Joe Vaz, and is written by Max Landis. It isn’t slated for release until February 3, 2012, but that gives the PR and marketing folks enough to time to build up more hype for this film and hopefully show us another film of the cast in battle with their powers. Only time can tell if this movie will have as much action as I’d hope to see, but it’s another film I can add to my list of must watch films. I’m super excited for The Avengers, so Chronicle will have to really bring it’s superhero A game!

Chronicle (2012) Trailer

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