Miss Rowland Is “Down For Whatever”

Last week I wrote a post about Kelly Rowland and her uber sexy video “Lay It On Me.” She’s been doing her thing a lot lately and she isn’t shy when it comes to talking about getting down to business in bedroom, or anywhere else. We all know that little miss Rihanna is a freak(she got in trouble for groping female strippers last weekend) and she isn’t ashamed to admit it, but I never would have thought precious Kelly Rowland was going to be taking over the music scene with such tantalizing and provocative lyrics.

If a man can sing about sex and all the things he is going to do to a woman (ah, men and their egos, gotta love it), then it’s perfectly okay for a woman to sing about it as well. Some people think the direction she is going is sort of raunchy, but it’s not that bad. I will admit that “Lay It On Me” was filled with a lot of sexual innuendos, but at least she tamed it down for new video “Down For Whatever.” She has a thing for being naked, but at least she covers it up with flashing strobe lights. I’m a totally straight female, but I will say that Miss Rowland does have a nice body on her. I mean damn, can I get her trainers number? She has got the type of body that could be a fitspiration for other women trying to lose weight; she’s skinny, but toned and not anorexic looking.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Kelly Rowland more so than a Beyonce groupie, so I’m all for her doing her thing in the dance music scene. A lot of people used to always make fun of me in high school and call me “white” for listening to dance music and artists like David Guetta, but now that major international producers such as Guetta have teamed up with R&B and hip-hop artists, it’s cool to like dance music. SMH at how trendy people can be, but I digress. Miss Rowland is good at singing on catchy dance tracks and her new video for her hot single “Down For Whatever” reminds me how fun dance music is. It just makes you want to get up, find some strobe lights, wear avant-garde outfits, and seduce a man while wearing neon clothing. What more can you ask for, this video is a flirtatious and vibrant set of visuals that go perfect with Miss Rowland singing about being totally “Down For Whatever,” even if he wants to do it on the floor. LOL I love it!

Check out the video below. The outfits are pretty avant-garde and I especially like the one with the chains on the face. The video is still sexy, but she doesn’t really turn up the heat until a black light turns on and she seduces yet another handsome man. I will say whoever does the casting for her videos has great taste in picky devilishly delicious eye candy. Lol. But I will say it’s not as provocative as the last video, so don’t be afraid to push play. ;)

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Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft. Idoling – “Big In Japan”

Martin Solveig & Lafaille are back!! If you’ve watched Martin Solveig’s videos for “Hello” and “Ready to Go,” then you’ve witnessed the random antics of Martin and his manager Lafaille.  The first video showed the two of them goofing around in a tennis match with Bob Sinclar, then  the second video followed up with a hilarious soccer match. Both of the videos have a great mix of comedy and great dance music, so it’s no suprise at all that their new video “Big In Japan” features more hilarious antics.

Martin Solveig and Dragonette’s song “Big In Japan” may have come out during the summer, but it has officially gotten a great video to match the catchy song. The start of the song is extremely similar to the beginning of “Hello” and the ending also is reminiscent of “Ready to Go.” The beat may be slightly similar in the beginning and the end, but the video is an entirely different story! This time Martin is back wearing his iconic headband, and you’ve got a great combination of Japanese culture, Martin attempting martial arts, Lafaille acting a fool as usual, and a bunch of random footage that exemplifies the meaning of making it “Big In Japan.”

Peep the hilarious antics of Martin Solveig and Lafaille below. Solveig has become such an international superstar and one thing is clear from the video, he is “Big In Japan.”

Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft. Idoling – Big In Japan (Official Music Video) [HD]


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Occupy Wall Street: Retired Marine Sgt. Stands Up for Justice

For those of you who are active CNN & HLN viewers, then you’ve probably seen a good amount of coverage on the Occupy Wall Street movement. For years I have often wondered about the endless amount of corporation in Wall Street. I had never taken a big interest in it until watching the classic Michael Douglas & Charlie Sheen flick,Wall Street. That is one of my favorite movies that dives into the corruption in Wall Street and the elite community.

But the film Wall Street could never compare to the reality of the corruption that is taking place by the 1%, which is why the 99% are protesting against the unfair corruption and greed within that specific financial sector.  I understand the reality of the situation and I think there is a larger picture to the story, but the  Occupy Wall Street movement has been long over due. But I think now is the right time more than ever, especially with the booming success of news and messages quickly spreading throughout social media.

The power of social media has been playing a big element in the movement, and the latest viral sensation has quickly spread throughout the Worldwide Web. There have been a lot of strong voices and protestors in this Occupy Wall Street movement, but the strongest voice thus far has been a 24-year-old Marine veteran by the name of Shamar Thomas. He, like many of the other protestors, have witnessed the forceful tactics of the NYPD in their interaction with the protestors. If you’ve been watching the news, then you’ve probably seen the masses of people from different races, backgrounds, and age groups being treated unfairly by the police. It would be ignorant to say that police brutality only effects those of color, because police brutality and corruption impacts a wide array of people.

I could see if the protestors had weapons and were fighting back, but they are truly just trying to protest peacefully by the masses and let their voices be heard. But it seems that the NYPD are just playing around with their power and beginning to take unnecessary measures. Many of the protestors haven’t been able to successfully stand up to the police, but Sgt. Thomas was able to successfully verbally take a stand against 30 NYPD police officers. It was amazing to see a war veteran (he did 2 tours in Iraq) take such a bold stance against the police and the cruel injustice. At the age of 24-years-old, he spoke with a man that holds so much wisdom. I was quite impressed to see this powerful Black man fight for whats right, and literally render 30 NYPD officers speechless.

He isn’t just going off at the mouth, but he is actually making a lot of logical sense that will give you goosebumps. He speaks with such authority. The best part of the video is when he talks about being in Iraq and not even treating the protestors over there with such violence for. It’s senseless for the NYPD to be bullying protestors and treating them like scum; but I know they have to at least feel embarrassed after seeing this video go viral across the nation and worldwide. Just because something is taking place in our country, it doesn’t mean that it won’t spread quickly and reach other parts of the world via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets that generate news.

In my generation, it’s great to see people taking a stance. It’s such a shame to see war veterans fighting for our country, and then having to come back and see such a great deal of injustice. It’s parallel to what happened in the 1940s when African-Americans fought in WWII and then came back only to deal with injustice in our country by Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow Laws ended through the consistent protesting, the voice of Martin Luther King, and the voices of many others.  I think protesting against financial corruption, poverty, and other world atrocities is a movement that has been around for a long time and in the past 10 years, it has been steadily picking up momentum.

What we are seeing now is the birth of a new generation proclaiming their voice against injustice. All we can do is wait and see if the voices to be will be effective in making a realistic change. The good thing is, their voices are being heard. Sometimes when you are shouting, even to the deafened ears of indifference, somebody will hear you. Sgt. Shamar Thomas, this week, we all heard you. Keep shouting, you’re making a difference…

[Orignal full version] 1 Marine vs. 30

A Great interview with Dick Gregory. I agree with his viewpoints and I think that he is shedding light on the larger picture that I briefly mentioned earlier, yet I didn’t go into great detail.

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