Vh1’s New Dating Show, “Why Am I Still Single?!”

Television this weekend has been kind of dull. Saturday Night Live wasn’t really that funny and I couldn’t stop staring at Anna Faris’ nose job (google it, she got a nose job!) I like some of her movies, but she just didn’t impress me much on SNL last night and Drake was just a snooze fest in my opinion. So I checked out and ended up playing the Sims 3 for awhile.

Sunday nights I usually like to spend time with my mom and watch Bridezillas, but tonight we decided to check out this new show on Vh1 called Why Am I Still Single?! When I first saw the title I let out a little chuckle. It seems that every season a network is trying to introduce a new dating show that seeks to be an inspiration to us single folks that apparently need help. Now, I’ll admit that there are some people who are single because they have issues dating and being socially awkward, but then there are single gals like myself who can easily snag dates but prefer to take time out and work on being the best woman we can be.

In response to the question, “Why am I single?” the answer is: I’m single because for the first time in my life I’m taking time out to lose weight, finish up my last year of college, and take this time to just to casually date with no expectations. When I’m ready to embark on something serious beyond casual dating and flirtation, then I will cross the bridge when I graduate and start a new life living on my own as an adult and not a college student. But right now I’m so happy just not having anything serious and focusing on me!Β  The cool thing is that I know why I’m single and it’s not because I suck at dating or talking to men. But there are single folks out there that are very unlucky in love and need major help; that is where dating expert Siggy Flicker comes into the equation.

I know her name ensues a big WTF moment, but her show isn’t half bad. I’ve read a lot of comments on Twitter about how horrible her name is and how she isn’t certified to give advice with a lame ass name like that, but I actually think her name is pretty cute and quirky. She isn’t Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker, which is a good thing in my book. Patti’s show only dealt with millionaires looking for love and just got annoying after awhile. Whereas Siggy’s show deals with real daters who are single for various reasons: personality flaws, nervous bad habits, socially awkward, and the typical un-charming asshole.

Siggy puts these daters through a series of “love lessons” and tries to show them how to open up and be themselves without sending out the wrong signals. Her attitude is so upfront, which is what you’d probably expect from one of the top matchmakers in New York City. She is blunt, but in a charming way that gives a wake-up call that is bound to stir a horrible dater in the right direction. She doesn’t use wingmen like on LOGO’s The Setup Squad, but she has a team of people that go on the prowl for eligible singles and a set of twin stylists that give makeovers before clients go on their date.

The show comes on right before Steve Wort’s Tough Love (used to love it, now I hate this show), so I guess VH1 is trying to turn Sunday nights into a go-to guide for people who like watching reality shows about dating, or perhaps folks that are in search of some advice. I didn’t really need any advice and I find some of Siggy’s advice just kind of lame and cliche; so I just watched the show for fun because datingΒ  and watching people go on televised dates is such a fun and exciting process! For some people it’s hard, but if you just open up and be yourself it isn’t that bad. You’ve just got to analyze yourself and see what you really are looking for. If you’re uncertain about why you’re dating life isn’t going in the right direction, then sometimes you’ve just go to sit down and ask yourself or a blunt friend, “Why Am I Single?!”


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