‘Avengers’ Trailer Finally Premieres

Dude need I say more? Iron Man + Thor + Nick Fury + Captain America + Hawkeye + Black Widow+ Bruce Banner (HULK) = AN EPIC BADASS FILM!!!!!

The trailer speaks for itself. C’mon now, you know what it is; AVENGERS 2012 baby!

P.S. Omg like how badass and sexy does Thor look? Lol I love his laugh!!!

The Avengers Movie Trailer in HD 2012

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Sexy Visuals For Kelly Rowland’s “Lay It On Me”

This must be the year of Kelly! Seriously y’all, she has been doing her thing and pumping out these uber sexy tracks. Miss Kelly Rowland was one of the first R&B artists in the past year that got on that international tip and began working with David Guetta. Then she does a solid move and drops “Motivation,” which in my opinion is one of the sexiest tracks this year.

For awhile everyone was talking about Beyonce and how great she is, but now it truly seems like Kelly Rowland is getting her shine on; You go girl!! Her new video just came out today and it is the definition of sexy. The ladies will be glad to see plenty of male eye candy and the men will enjoy watching Miss Rowland work her sexy body and do some ultra-suggestive moves. I’ve already watched this video three times just because of the sexy eye candy; I’m telling you ladies, it’s hot!! So many different shades of men, and they all look so devilishly naughty! Ah, what else can I say? I love men so much, and this song is pretty catchy!

I’m telling you guys, this video is super sexy! It’s truly for the grown and sexy, so if you’re grown & sexy, then peep the naughty visuals below! Lols…it’s some serious eye candy, so ladies put this video on repeat! And fellas, it’s worth watching if you think Miss Rowland is sexy or perhaps you want a sexy R&B track to jam to. I mean it does have Big Sean on the track, so it has that “manly vibe” to it. So whether you are watching it for the male eye candy or for the sexy Miss Rowland, one thing we can all agree on is this video is super sexy!

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Chelsea Settles: MTV’s New Plus-Size Reality Star

So a few days ago at the gym I happened to turn to the Wendy Williams show. Usually I don’t watch her show, but lately I’ve enjoyed watching the gossip and loving her witty personality. Now I will admit that sometimes her guests are so annoying, but other times they actually intrigue me; which is what happened the other day, one of her guests actually caught my attention. The guest I’m talking about is MTV’s new reality star Chelsea Settles.

Settles made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Wendy and discussed her new reality show. Of course her appearance on Wendy is quite different than the show because she lost a lot of weight. She looks pretty good now that she lost weight; even Wendy said she looked sexy now. But prior to losing weight, her new show basically documented her overweight journey and move from Pittsburgh to LA in hopes of making it in the fashion industry as a stylist.

I usually don’t like watching a lot of MTV’s reality shows, but this one with this Chelsea Settles girl has some potential. I could tell from watching the show that her weight has kept her back from a lot of things, including being more outgoing and perhaps dating around instead of settling for the jerk she is with. On Wendy we learned that Chelsea has only had one boyfriend for the past 5 years; that is crazy! While watching her show we learned that she stays with him because she thinks nobody else will love her. Mind you, this guy has cheated and is in the army, but she settles (haha, no pun intended) and doesn’t leave him.

I’ve never in my life had a weight problem as drastic as hers, but it’s fascinating see the emotional drama in the situation. I mean I felt so sorry for her when she couldn’t get in the club for her friend’s birthday party. The bouncer wouldn’t let her in because she was big compared to all the other hot girls. Of course Chelsea stormed off and then got ridiculed by a bunch of drunk people, which then caused her to go cry and finalize her decision to lose weight and move to LA.

The episode was pretty good and at one point I got so pissed off at her lame ass boyfriend Rory. He had the nerve to attempt to deter her from moving to LA and saying she wouldn’t fit in out there. He wanted her to just move down to the military base with him and get married, have babies, and just be happy the way she was. WTF? This guy has cheated on her and then says he wants to marry her in order for her not to move to LA. She’s 24 and deserves to go for her dreams. Like seriously what is up with her man, who does that?! I was so upset because I know so many men that just want to settle down and talk about us having a future. I’m like woah! I’m young, single, and once I graduate in Summer 2012 it’s on! No commitment, just me starting my fabulous new life and on a journey with new friends. When I’m ready to settle later in my twenties, then I’ll think about slowing down and committing. But I think everyone deserves that time in their life to find themselves, go out to clubs, travel, find their career, and just live life! So I’m so happy Chelsea didn’t listen to her boyfriend and decided to jet set off to Cali. You go girl!

I like this Chelsea Settles chick, and last night’s premiere episode was an hour long, but it’s worth checking out. Like I said, I couldn’t imagine having major body issues like that. I couldn’t believe it was her first time going to the gym; I go to the gym 5 to 7 days out the week, so it was mind blowing seeing someone not work out on the regular. But she has a lot of issues surrounding how she got overweight, so I’m sure we will see more in the next few episodes. It’s unlike MTV to have a plus-size reality star, so I’m interested in seeing how this show will play out.

Check out the show at MTV’s site. I’m telling you, this show has potential. I strongly believe everyone deserves to live their life, be young, be fabulous, and go for their dreams. Don’t just live life being complacent and especially don’t settle for some lame relationship when you want to be young and go explore the world. Get up and make life happen!


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