SNL: Hugh Jackman, V-Neck Battles, & Foster the People

So last night I went out on a date and saw Real Steel. The date was pretty good, but I’m not really looking for a relationship; so no pressure, just went out and had a good time. The movie was actually really good! It reminded me of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, except with amazing graphics, killer upper-cuts, and the oh so sexy Hugh Jackman. I’m not the type of girl to see a movie for the sex appeal, but it never hurts to see a movie with great action moves and some eye candy.

Real Steel got mixed reviews from critics as usual, but it’s worth checking out if you like robots fighting. Hugh Jackman is great actor and I loved him in Australia, but he will always be Wolverine in my opinion. It was nice seeing a cameo of him in X-Men First Class, but I do hope they bring him back in another X-men movie. I think Saturday Night Live was thinking the same thing, except they want the “Best of Both Worlds.”

“Best of Both Worlds” was a skit from last night’s episode of SNL. The host was Ben Stiller and he did a pretty good job in most of the skits, but the digital short was by far my favorite of the night. Prior to the digital short, they did a skit in which action stars meet musical theatre. It was cheesy of course, but it was cool seeing Hugh Jackman make a cameo. While Andy Samberg pretended to be Hugh, the real Hugh pretended to be Daniel Radcliffe. One of the cast members even did a great Clint Eastwood impersonation that was simply timeless!

Following the action-star-mockery skit was a funny digital short that consisted of V-Neck battles. You know how some men rock shirts that have a v-neck? Well Ben Stiller and Andy decided to have a battle of the deep V-necks. I found the skit pretty funny, considering I personally like when a man knows how to properly where a v-neck that isn’t too deep. If a v-neck tee is worn the right way and on the right man, then it can be a very sexy look that has that action-movie essence.

Be sure to check out the V-neck battle below, Hugh Jackman, Shanna, and Foster the People’s live performance of “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Houdini.” Kenny G even made a surprise appearance on their song “Houdini.” It’s one of my favorite songs of theirs, so it was nice seeing Kenny G as well. He still has that long curly hair; it’s so 90s, but that’s Kenny G!Β  Foster the People are doing big things and it’s nice to see them getting mad love. I’d love to see them live in concert one day, but watching them on SNL was close enough. They seem like a bunch of interesting guys to chill with, but I’d rather chill with Hugh Jackman. lol….



Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Foster the People – Houdini

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