Janet Jackson “Would You Mind” & J*DaVeY “Queen of Wonderland”

Apparently the awesome avant-garde R&B duo J*Davey came out with a new music video a few days ago and I’m just hearing about it now. I tell you, I been sleeping on R&B lately. It’s been all about house music and dance for me, as well as the usual dosages of hip-hop here and there. But when it comes to R&B, eh….some of the stuff just doesn’t vibe with me. I’m big on old school 90s R&B songs, but I also love a good sexy track. For instance, a lot of Janet Jackson’s earlier tracks will literally blow your mind. I’m a huge Janet Jackson fan for lifetime and love everything she has ever done. But my favorites are “Anytime, Anyplace,” “Would You Mind,” and “Got Til It’s Gone.”

I was watching live footage of “Would You Mind” on Youtube the other day and was cracking up. Men actually were going crazy when Janet Jackson would touch them. I love “Would You Mind” and it’s sex appeal quality, not to mention the vibe is insane. That track is bound to drive anyone crazy; which explains why the men on stage are screaming. You know what? I’m not even going to sit here and talk about it, just watch for yourself.

Oh, but before I finish writing I do have one more thing to say. Yeah, J*Davey’s new song “Queen of Wonderland” is pretty awesome! I like a lot of their music, so the new project sounds quite promising; so be sure to check the video out! Also, if you’re up for it, watch “Would You Mind” live. It’s will leave you speechless seeing the way men react. She has performed it a few times on her tours, so different men each tour are strapped down and teased by Janet. Yeah, it’s something else!

This Black guy is going out of control! Haha so funny to watch, but I feel like I’m peeping into an intimate moment that doesn’t need to be broadcast to the world. But seriously, the faces  he makes are hilarious!  Then he is like screaming “Thank you God!” Haha, it’s priceless!

Janet Jackson – Would You Mind (Live on All For You Tour) HQ

J*Davey – ‘Queen of Wonderland’ (Exclusive)

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Craigslist tv: Real People, Real Postings

I’ve spent a majority of my life moving around, meeting new people, and moving again. I’ve never really stayed in one place too long without having an inkling desire to relocate; which is why I’m known as an “urban nomad.” But now that I’m back in Maryland and in my last year of college, I feel like I want to at least sit still for a year or two at the most.

Moving is what I do! Yet I know that once I graduate I will get a job, move out on my own, and at least learn how to be stable for a moment. It’s not really a scary thought, but it is a reality that I’m beginning to see. I love to travel and see the world, but it doesn’t mean I have to move to every place I visit. It’s perfectly okay to have a great job, my own apartment, a few friends, a man, and travel on the weekends. I don’t have to always be a nomad on my own; that sounds dangerous in some cases. Just traveling the world all by myself, sounds exciting yet lonely and scary. So I know that after I graduate in Summer 2012, I want to have my life look a lot different. More long-lasting friendships, maybe a relationship, and of course a lot of travel on the weekends, but not by myself.

I may not have a bunch of true friends right now, but I’d never be so desperate to go find them on Craigslist. Since I’ve moved around so much, I have used Craigslist a lot. From my family buying cars, selling cars, selling items, finding jobs online, and even finding writing gigs; Craigslist has been the source for a lot of great things. A majority of the writing gigs I have found have been posted on Craigslist and a lot of the apartments we have lived in were Craigslist finds. I know that a lot of people use Craigslist for various reasons, but I never knew people actually searched for just friendship on Craigslist.

Of course you’ve got sexual encounters and other weird meet-ups, but there are real people out there that use Craigslist to find platonic friendships. I didn’t know any of this until about an hour ago. I was on Craigslist looking for some writing gigs, and for the first time ever I noticed something I had never seen before; Craigslist tv. I have seen a documentary about a guy doing everything on Craigslist, but I had no idea they actually had an online television show with episodes about real people and real postings.

Craigslist tv has a lot of episodes that follow real people, their postings, and the encounters they make. It’s interesting how people use Craigslist for more than just housing, cars, furniture, jobs, and even sex (that’s gross though, meeting someone off Craigslist for sex…eww!) There are actually a lot of people out there that use CL to meet people with the same interests as them. Instead of using online dating sites or friendship sites (those exist, right?) these people resort to Craigslist in search of an answer. I’m not appalled by it, yet, I’m more so intrigued by the real people, real postings.

I may meet men off online dating sites every now and then, but I’d never resort to Craigslist in search of friendships. I’d rather use Meetup.com and go to legitimate organized meet-ups that foster a safe environment. But everyone has their own way of finding others to interact with, so I guess Craigslist is great for some people. For instance, this guy below used the site in order to find friends. Check out his video below and then visit the Craigslist blog to see how he is doing now. It’s very interesting seeing how cyber relationships can become real or fizzle out, but at least it was worth giving it a shot.

I have people I’ve meet online over the years that have become close to me in person, but I move so much; so the friendship just fizzles out since I move away. But at least I can say I gave it out a shot and I’m on a journey, which is what an urban nomad is supposed to do. I will never stop journeying, I never stop believing in finding a friend to travel with, and I won’t even stop believing in love. No matter how much I move around and travel, I do believe that one day I will meet an amazing guy out there that totally gets my desire to travel. I may be single now and totally loving it, but it doesn’t mean I’m against the idea of making a new male friend that could possibly be more; you never know until you try!

Both of these videos show that everyone out there in the world is just looking for someone to get them, like understand their personality. We are all just human beings traversing this planet in hopes of running across those who can relate to us and not judge. In the end it’s all about acceptance and finding someone you can relate too, even with your differences.



The Importance Of Being Ernesto : craigslist tv episode 311

This is the latest episode of Craigslist tv. Pretty funny!

Zero Friends : craigslist tv episode 310

Geek Date : craigslist tv episode 302

The best line of this video is when he says he wants a geeky girl, but NO LARPERS! HAHA so…geeky is a must, but don’t you dare wear a costume and do live action-role playing or he will kick your ass!

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