American Horror Story

The month of horror and fear is finally here! Okay, that sounded uber depressing, but you get my point. October is that month when everyone is contemplating what costumes to wear for Halloween bashes, seeing the latest horror movies, and revisiting the classic horror films. I’m not big on Halloween, but this year I’m thinking about dressing up in a costume and going to a party. If not, then maybe going on a date to a scary haunted house. I like being scared sometimes and I’m a big believer in paranormal happenings (I’ve had a lot of my own experiences.) Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, have you checked out that show Paranormal Witness on sci-fy? It’s a pretty good show that has actual footage and pictures of things that have happened to different people. Some scary stuff, but it’s a legit show.

While Paranormal Witness may be actual accounts, FX’s new show American Horror Story is fictional but is guaranteed to bring on the fright. The original FX show airs tomorrow at 10pm and it promises to deliver horror in a seductive, twisted, and psychological terrifying manner. The show is about a family, the Harmons, who move from Boston to Los Angeles and end up living in this creep old house. The cast stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Denis O’Hare. It’s a great cast and the TV spots for the show are so twisted, but I love it! It will be another great show to add to my Fall 2011 tv lineup.

Check out the first 5 minutes of the show below and one of the TV spots for it. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night with your bowl of popcorn and be prepared to be terrified! Well, if not terrified, then at least shocked, disgusted, and intrigued. If you’re not watching, then I know I will be!

American Horror Story

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Elle Varner ft. J.Cole – “Only Wanna Give it To You”

Yay! New music, new music, new music!!!! Okay, let me calm down…but seriously, new music and it’s good y’all, real good! Artsy R&B soultress, Elle Varner, just released her debut video for her hot track “Only Wanna Give it to You.” If you haven’t heard of Elle Varner, then I wouldn’t be shocked. I only just found out about her a week ago, but immediately fell in love with her voice. She’s got talent!

Her latest track “Only Wanna Give it to You” is a great sneak peek at what could be in store for her debut studio album “Perfectly Imperfect.” She isn’t well known on the music scene, but teaming up with J.Cole is a great way to create more buzz. The sing was actually written by Cole and Varner, so it the vibe has Varner’s artistic vibe infused with Cole’s hip-hop swag. J. Cole is actually one of the few hip-hop artists out there I actually like, so it’s nice seeing him do a collab with another new-comer on the scene.

The video just came out today and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s fresh on the web circuit, so I had to make sure to post it before it becomes a trend. Haha, got to stay ahead sometimes. But in all good and fun, this video is truly worth checking out. And can I say how I love her hair! Gosh, it’s so pretty!

This Elle Varner lady sounds like one of those singers we need to be on the look out for; with a voice like hers, I’m sure she can come out with a lot of hit tracks. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what else she has in store on her debut studio album. But I must give her major props, that was a real smart move teaming up with J. Cole for a track. His album just came out last week and his name is real hot on the music scene right now. So for her to come out with a new video days later, that is pure genius. And the video isn’t trashy or cliche, it’s fun, cute, and has that soul vibe that I love. It’s one of those vibrant color splashed videos that has fashion written all over it, with a hint of artistic sex appeal. Elle Varner is just being herself and J. Cole is doing his thing, so it’s a great collaboration. I’m so loving this video….so check it out!!!

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