I ♥ Black Men

“The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”

    -Marcus Garvey


Since the early days of mankind, Black men have roamed the planet and have overcome adversity. From our great African ancestors and the warriors transplanted from their kingdoms to the cotton fields, Black men have weathered the storms. The quote above by Marcus Garvey says it all, Black skin shouldn’t be viewed as a badge of shame yet rather a glorious symbol of national worldwide greatness.

Black men, whether they be African-American, African, Mixed, etc; they are beautiful on so many levels. It’s something about the way they walk, the way the talk, the way their body looks, and the varying shades they come in. Even though many Black men have to deal with racial disparity and stereotyping, many of them still try to make the best out of life and make their dream come true. This persistent determination and evolutionary concept of staying on their “grind” is just one of the many reasons why I love Black men.

I’ve dated various people from different cultural backgrounds, but their is something about Black men that lures me in. I love the way their full lips gently move when they talk and it’s even better when their full lips are gently kissing you. In my opinion it’s a perfect combination, especially when my full lips are greeted by a Black man’s soft coffee coolers. I’ve kissed a few other guys outside my race, typically ones with smaller lips, but I must say some of the most amazing kisses I’ve had have come from a strong and passionate Black man.

The chemistry touches on an emotional, physical, mental, and historical level. Black men and women have over come great adversity, our ancestors are timeless heroes. The bond between a Black man and a Black woman is symbolic of Black history and the challenges are people have faced just to be together and see another day. Even though there are so many dating options in the world and there is nothing wrong with interracial dating, there is something beautiful about seeing a strong Black couple weather the storms and reach the sunshine.

One of my favorite things about Black men, is the fact they come in so many different shades, sizes, styles, and backgrounds. It’s hard to pinpoint down my type, because I don’t judge whether a guy is “light skin” or “dark skin.” As long as it has some brown in it, then I’m down for the cause. Black men have this enticing aura about them, they can appear threatening and dangerous to society, yet they can be gentle teddy bears. I especially love a towering warrior, the type of man that is 6’3” 6’4” and is built like a football player. Give me Dhani Jones, minus the ego and a little taller, that’s the build that drives me wild! LOL

There are just so many things that I love on a Black man. A nice smile, a smooth brown complexion, arms that are weapons of mass destruction, and an ambition that is relentless. I grew up surrounded by positive Black men, which explains why I love them so much. I come from a family of successful Black marriages, doctors, military professionals, athletes, dancers, entrepreneurs, and a family of Black men that strive for success. My mom has three sisters and four brothers and they are living examples of great Black men and women.

I could sit here and go on and on about why I love black men. From the inspirational leaders such as Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Marcus Garvey, and Martin Luther King, to the Black male icons such as Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Sidney Poitier, Blair Underwood, and so many other Black men. Simply put, I love Black men! I admire so many great Black men and other Black men I admire as more than just great inspirations. *wink wink, how you doin’!*

Even though Black men and women face their struggles in relationships, we have to strive to remove the negative connotation that is being associate with “Black.” Instead of sitting around and bashing Black men for their faults (they have faults, just like all men do,) we as Black women have to view the Black dating paradigm from a psychological and historical viewpoint rather than an impulsive and irrational emotional complex. Black love still does exist, it may not be easy, but no interaction beyond a hello and a goodbye is ever easy. Instead of bashing a Black man, I aim to give them praise for their attempts at fixing the mistakes their fathers may have made and trying to be a good Black man.

Black men, what can I say? I love them!!! But one thing I love even more than Black men, is Black love….now that is truly a wonderful thing.

If you love Black men, then check out http://iloveblackmen.tumblr.com/  It’s the site where I got the inspiration for this post and the pictures.

The beauty of Black love and Black bodies….Timothy Bloom’s “Till the End of Time”

This song says it all…Angie Stone “Brotha”

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7 thoughts on “I ♥ Black Men”

  1. The first picture on the blog. I’ve been trying to figure out who he is for weeks and today I ended up here. Do you know his name by chance?

  2. Oh my gosh, that black love black bodies video is great. It made me cry in a good way. Now i love interracial dating, but my black man will always hold a spot to my heart that no other race can touch. love it more videos like that should be made. :)

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