A Dating Boost

As a happily single woman, I found that the dating scene is fun to explore. There’s no pressure to hurry up and settle down; which gives you the unlimited freedom to explore and find what your looking for further down the line. It’s not too difficult meeting a guy in the populated geography of the East Coast. Everywhere you go there is an opportunity to meet someone new and exciting, but some people often need help in making the first move.

Making that initial approach to someone that intrigues you can be a daunting task, but the task is a little easier with the help of professional matchmakers and wingmen. I’ve noticed a lot of reality shows and companies geared towards matchmaking and wingmen popping up. I’m a huge fan of people falling in love and finding someone that sparks their interests, which is why I absolutely love wedding shows and dating shows. One of my favorite shows is Millionaire Matchmaker. I love how she has this ability to find a good match for most of her clients and also tell them the raw true about their dating tactics.

Patti Stanger‘s advice may be raw and brutal, but everyone needs a heavy dosage of honesty in their life. Her matchmaking services may only be catered towards millionaires, but there are matchmaking services out there for the everyday professional. Every now and then I read Essence and blogs geared towards Black women’s lifestyle. I remember reading an article on this Black matchmaker in Washington, D.C. named Paul Brunson. His matchmaking company is called One Degree From.Me and he helps educated professionals find potential mates. His services also include relationship coaching, speed dating, and other dating events in D.C. and other metropolitan cities. It’s a pretty cool service and he runs the company with his wife.

Paul Brunson’s matchmaking service and other matchmaking services just prove how some people do need that boost in their dating life. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, I think everyone at some point in their life is seeking a companion that is there for the long run. I know personally that I do eventually want to have that family, the nice house, a loving husband, and a great career as well. Those things are something I desire but don’t plan on approaching seriously for awhile. Even though I’m not in the mindset to have a serious relationship, the dating game is still alive and well in my life.

Dating is a fun process and not everyone needs the help of a professional matchmaker. However, there are those people that need the confidence boost from a wingman. I’ve played the role of a wingman before for a few of friends, but I had no idea actual companies to dedicated to wingmen existed. Every now and then I like to watch the LOGO channel. In the midst of drag queens and flamboyant shows, LOGO has a show called “Setup Squad.” The show follows Renee Lee, owner of NYC based dating service Wings Inc. Every episode her team helps a new client approach potential dates in various settings. Even though the show is on the LOGO channel and her team consist of a gay guy and a lesbian girl, the client list contains straight daters and gay.

It’s a pretty cool show to watch and the Season Finale had the drama between co-workers Lauretta (British Black girl) and Helen( the Asian girl.) The funny thing about this show is seeing all the mistakes that people make when approaching people and it’s a list of “what not to do” when your interested in someone. Personally I don’t think I’d ever enlist the help of a professional matchmaking or wingmen service, but it’s perfect for those who need that extra help. *Contradiction coming!* Yet I will say Paul Brunson service does sound interesting and when I’m 25, single, great job in D.C., and still can’t meet some well educated Black professionals; then I’d possibly go to a speed dating event or a consultation.

There are so many different routes you can take to find someone that keeps your interests longer than a month. Instead of looking down on professional dating services as a crutch for losers, I like to view them as realistic options for those frustrated with the usual dating scene. I’m not in the space in life where I’m looking for that serious long term companion, but for those who are on the hunt for serious love; a professional dating service may be the perfect boost you need.

Β©Jasmine McGee