“I Read Documentaries”

The title of this post alone probably deserves a few laughs, raised eyebrows, and a few “WTF” moments.I put the title of this post in quotations because, well simply put, someone actually told me that before. I can totally respect someone for admitting when they make a mistake or mixing up names, but saying you “read documentaries” is an unforgivable statement.

This story begins with my adventures in dating.The dating pool of eligible black men contains an array of men with various professions and aspirations. I’ve gone out on dates with scientists, aspiring doctors, models, singers, jazz musicians,mechanics, bartenders, computer analysts, military men, (quite a few since I lived near Fort Carson during freshmen year), and I’m always being hit on by aspiring rappers. As long as I’m writing about hip-hop, it’s inevitable to think that rappers wouldn’t try getting at me. Usually they find me on twitter or Facebook in hopes of getting their music out there, but if their rhymes suck then I don’t bother trying to promote their music.

I’m kind of getting over dating rappers (I’ve had ex’s in the past who dreamed of being the next rap superstar) and I don’t have ambitions of being on the next season of Basketball Wives. This entire fascination with snagging an NBA or NFL man is silly and overrated. Not to say that women dating/married to professional athletes don’t genuinely love there men; some of those women sincerely love there men and aren’t just chasing after the paper. I think Lala and Carmelo truly care about each other and she isn’t a gold digger. She had her own career and life before she met Carmelo. But some of those other chicks…are they really in it for love?

Watching Basketball Wives is one of my guilty pleasures, but I can honestly say I don’ t think a lot of those women seriously stay with those men for their looks and personality. Half them chicks on that show aren’t even married anymore and not an actual basketball wife. Evelyn is engaged to Ochocinco and she is now going to be a football wife, but I wonder how long that will even last. It has to somewhat be about the money and I think the men know that.

You may ask, well how do I know this? I had the chance to personally get to know someone who just got drafted to the Broncos and was rolling in an insane amount of money. I’ve never been the type of chick to chase after a man for his money because I’d rather just be successful and attain wealth on my own. There isn’t anything wrong with being an independent woman, you just have to put things into balance and when the time is right let a man genuinely take care of you. When I’m at that point where I’m out on my own, in my career, and ready to seriously approach the dating pool; then I’ll be open to the idea of a man bringing financial support to the table.

The sad thing is that some chicks don’t bother trying to start their own career and just expect a man to take care of them entirely. Most of those men are usually blinded by their beauty and don’t care that the woman is just a gold digger. The NFL player I was talking to was actually caught off guard and disappointed that I wasn’t falling all over him because of his bank account. I was open to getting to know him but the moment he preceded to say “I read documentaries” and then followed that with further more jibberish; I was turned off. A lot of females I talked to about the situation thought I was making a dumb decision. I had the chance to be with a 6’6” NFL player with a huge house, okay on the eyes, and a bank account that was well into six figures; but I turned him down.

I could have easily kept talking to him on web cam and chatting it up; he even invited me over to his house to cook dinner(and probably more judging the compliments he kept giving me.) But I’m not attracted to someone based off their wealth and status. He swore that he read documentaries and when I corrected him, he said I was the one that was stupid. Wow, really? That was my first and last time ever getting mixed up with an NFL player. Some of the rappers may be ignorant, but at least most of them know the difference between a documentary and a biography.

It wasn’t just the fact that guy said he like to “read documentaries”, it was his attitude that he was the hottest guy in the world and I should flaunt over him. I don’t care how much money you have and if you are an NFL Bronco player; it takes more than a bank account to catch my attention. The worst part about dating is the guys out there who have all that stuff and those lame guys with the really nice cars, but they are so unattractive. If I’m not sexually attracted to you and not turned on by your personality, then your nice car doesn’t make you look any better up close. That money should be invested in a cool personality, but somethings in life you just can’t by. And when your not driving around in your fancy car trying to pick up chicks you can’t really get, then you can go home and read documentaries. SMH…what a mess!

©Jasmine McGee




Reflective Blog Post: The Visual Narrative

I’ve never taken the time to study the visual narrative genre, but I’m beginning to understand the importance of visual narrative story-telling techniques. We live in a society that is fueled by visual elements and the traditional storytelling elements are constantly changing. Blogs are a perfect example of visual narratives and stories being told with the usage of images.

You could easily sit down and write a blog post that contains just words, but the elements of photos and video have become mandatory in our society. Unless I’m reading a book; I expect there to be visual aspects within a blog post, article, essay, and other forms of communication. Photos and video have this compelling way of telling a story. A perfect example of visual narratives can be found on <www.captionthis.org.> While this site may not contain textual stories, the images and the captions provided by users create different scenarios for every photo.

Visuals are important aspects of telling a story. Images can provide the readers with more information that may not be found within the text. The visuals can change the entire direction of a story and can make a reader more engaged in the story. You do have to be careful with what images you use and make sure it goes with the theme of the story. After viewing some of the narratives this week in our class discussion thread; I realized that there needs to be a balance between the number of photos, position, and the content of the images. Using the wrong photo can completely turn a reader off from a story and the story being told loses its edge.

I think visual narratives are present in everyday aspects of our life. The billboards we see driving down the highway and the advertisements on television are telling stories through the usage of visuals. Some visual narratives are compelling and others leave us confused; but visual narratives are an excellent way to spread a message, an emotion, and broadcast a piece of your life to the world.

©Jasmine McGee